47 thoughts on “Still Saturday

    • Hi Delvalina! She’s a girl! That’s my newest grandchild. Thank you for your sweet comment. I think she’s pretty special myself!

      Have a good weekend 🙂

    • Hi Sandra! She does look so cuddly here doesn’t she? And so comfy too. Nothing like a baby to bring out the hugs and kisses in us.

      Great blog-hop! Thank you for hosting 🙂

  1. Oh sweet sweet Delvalina. Grandma’s heart must be in full bloom. I just want to scoop this precious little one up …

    How good is God, my friend. How good is God.

    Extra hugs coming your way tonight, Ceil. Be sure to share them with sweet baby girl!


        • Oh please. No worries. I’m sure I have done the same thing on other blogs. One time, someone left a comment here but addressed it to someone else. I wonder if she knew she was on my blog? Lol!

          No blushing allowed here my sister! We’re all allowed to mess up without any regret 🙂

          • Well, if I’m going to look ridiculous, I’m glad it was with you!

            Hugs to the baby anyway. Poor kid will end up having an identity crisis because her grandmother’s friends are calling her the wrong name.


  2. Oh congrats Gma! What a sweet little blessing! I am a lucky lady getting to watch my cuddly one year old this weekend~feeling blessed! There is just NOTHING more precious that our sweet grandbabies! ♥ Enjoy sweet friend! Have a weekend of joyful blessings!! ♥

    • Hi Denise! I completely agree with you. I just love being a Nana. Enjoy your cuddly little one this weekend! I’ll see this little girl in two days. Can’t wait 🙂

      Happy Weekend,

  3. Congratulations! I’ve said since my granddaughter was born 2 years ago – there are 2 sweet kinds of dust – pixie dust, pecan dust – and baby dust – when you hold a baby – it just sprinkles all over you and you float all day long!

    • Hi Mary Leigh! These little ones are just the best, aren’t they?

      I hope your little one lives close to you. That would be so nice. I get to see two of my grandchildren on Monday. Yay! I’m sure I’ll be floating for sure.

      Have a good weekend!

    • Hi Jennifer! Remember those days of checking on a sleeping baby? I’d stare really hard at their chests to see if they were rising and falling. Then I’d run like crazy so I wouldn’t wake the baby up!

      But they sure are cute when they sleep.
      Hope you have a wonderful day too my friend,

  4. Hi Ceil,
    what a little beauty! Congratulations and enjoy every precious moment with her, we don’t realize how quickly they grow up.
    God bless you and your family.( xx to baby )

    • Hi Brenda! I’ll get to see her (and her sister and Mommy) in a few days. Can’t wait! They do grow up fast, don’t they? Good thing I never grow older, right?

      Thank you for your prayers of blessing Brenda. You are such a good blog-friend! I’ll kiss her for you for sure 🙂

  5. Sweet, sweet baby! We are having a new grandson in June. I can’t wait for our newest little gift from heaven! (I’m right after you at Still Saturday this week.)

    • Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for visiting me here! I’ll be right over to see you 🙂

      You will just love being a Grandmother. It is so much fun, and you just fall in love in a way you never thought possible.

      Have a good weekend!

    • Hi Patty! Thank you so much, we think so too 🙂

      We get to visit for a few days when my daughter comes with her two girls. Should be very busy and very fun!

      Have a peaceful Sunday,

    • Hi Laurie! Thank you so much. I do feel very blessed, no question about it. She is such a cute little girl 🙂

      Thank you for your blessings too my friend. I hope you are having a peaceful day,

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