About Me

Hi! I’m Ceil Ryan.

I’m a Christian Blogger, Writer and Speaker.

My goal in living and writing is to recognize the love and work of God in everything I see and experience. Writing about my faith through life events; the happy, the mundane, the painful and the beautiful, helps me to see the movement of the Father’s love in every detail.

I love life stories because they are powerful ways to connect through shared experiences. No matter how different our individual lives are, we still face the same issues, the same blocks and blessings. After all, we are family! We have the same Father.

Just reading the essays here will create a connection between you and me. Words create community. But I encourage you go one step further and join in the conversation by commenting on what you read. I’d love to get to know you better. And let’s stay connected! You can sign up to get each new post delivered to your inbox, and join me on Facebook and Twitter too.

The Lord is with us every moment of every day. I want to inspire you to notice His presence in the people and situations you encounter in your every day too. I’ll have a new post to share every Monday.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have just met you and I already feel we have lots in common. Your “Trash Pickup” story won me over. I look forward to many more conversation. Have a wonderful visit with your family. My day included shoveling snow on this festive St Patty’s day so I am very envious of your travel destination.
    God Bless, Bonnie

  2. I can relate to the exercise part of your story! I love running as it clears my mind and clarifies my thoughts. I love how God’s spirit prompted you to write your thoughts and insights down to share with others!

  3. I am always happy to support a nurse who tells her/his stories. Congratulations on getting your story into Chicken Soup for the Soul. The more of us nurses who write about who we are and what we do can only give the public more knowledge and appreciation for nurses. Best of luck with all your future writings.

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