Vacation Is Fun! But Is It Holy?

This summer was a busy one, full of fun adventures and time away.

We visited my son and his family on the west coast, took in a few baseball games, and saw my man James in concert too.

We also spent a week with my daughter and her family in Michigan. This is the third summer we’ve rented a home together; enjoying the beach and pool, strolling the farmers market, visiting wineries and hiking to lighthouses too.

The grandchildren are ages 5, 3, almost 2 and two months. They all needed supervision, and have attentions spans that vary from thirty seconds to thirty minutes. It’s activity and action from sunup to bedtime. So did I squeeze in a little prayer time while I was away? Honestly, I didn’t. (Well, there were those ‘on the fly’ prayers, but nothing formal.)

I spent the days playing dolls, coloring, swimming, and looking for shoes (not usually mine, more often a grandchild’s!).

Vacation time together is so much fun. But is it holy too?

One morning, we woke up to a steady rain. Uh oh. Being outside kept the kids moving and having fun, so – what should we do now?

My son-in-law located an indoor water park about 45 minutes away. Sold! Lunches were hastily made, children squeezed into their suits and shoes slipped on feet. Out we went, ready for adventure.

We got to the pool, and wonder of wonders, it wasn’t crowded at all. Too good to be true! Yeah well…it was. The doors didn’t open for another hour and a half, which is roughly ten years to a five year old.

We fed the kids lunch to pass the time (fifteen minutes of it), while looking on-line for a nice park to play in. (It wasn’t raining then.) Let’s just say it took longer than it should have to find one, but it turned out great. Fun on swings and slides for the kids, while the baby snoozed in the stroller.

An hour later, we were whooping it up at the water park.

Was this a holy day?

Well, what is holiness but a denial of self, serving others and a desire to bring joy to someone other than myself?

~Mom, Dad, Papa and Nana didn’t need to be entertained on a rainy day, the kids did.Β 

~Lunches were made, not for our benefit, but for theirs.

~We drove for twenty minutes looking for a park, not because any of the adults were dying to conquer a jungle gym. But the grandchildren were.

~On the way home, we visited at not one, but two Dollar Stores to find that toy Granddaughter #2 just ‘had to have’.

Honestly, I can’t think of many activities that embody holiness more than a family vacation. That whole week was a prayer; planning, serving and loving those little lives.

I’ll bet your summer was holy too. Just look back and see how many times you brought peace to chaos, or made someone else smile.

Holiness isn’t always found on your knees. Sometimes it’s waiting for you in water sprays, smiles, crayons and campfires…and S’mores!


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50 thoughts on “Vacation Is Fun! But Is It Holy?

  1. Ceil, I was just thinking of you and blipped over to your blog to see if I’d missed a post. I almost left a message on your last post from May asking you when you were coming back. Now, look, here you are! Great minds think alike.

    James Taylor, smores, Michigan…Heaven! πŸ˜‰

    “Holiness isn’t always found on your knees. Sometimes it’s waiting for you in water sprays, smiles, crayons and campfires…and S’mores!”


    Holiness. Ah… it’s not always found kneeling in a cathedral. Sometimes it is just a good day with your kids.

    Love this.

    (Michigan is where I grew up. Were you anywhere near the thumb? We lived in Lexington.)

    • Hi Sandi! So good to see you again! No, we weren’t near the thumb, we were in southwest Michigan. What a beautiful place, you must miss it?

      It was a heavenly summer, we did a lot of fun things. Thank you for your comments about the post! Do you like S’mores too? Lord help me I could eat a few without any trouble!

      Have a peaceful evening,

  2. Amen, sister. This year it was 3 daughters, one son-in-law, Paul & 6 grandkids. You just set your mind that it is a kids vacation then take a moment here and there (and its only a moment lol) to see Papa teaching 2 grandkids to play cards, sisters helping with dinner, cousins challenging each other for the best jump off the floating dock. Dinners together with everything from wine to spilt milk……I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The memories are priceless, the laughs are medicinal, and the love is pervasive. It is that love, that service to others that lets God be on vacation too!!

    • Well Terry, the whole reason we vacation there is because KC knew how much fun you were having with your family in Michigan. Thank you for enjoying your family so much! Your description of your summer trip sounds like heaven “wine to spilt milk”. I totally get that!!

      What a fun thought about God getting a little vaca too. Here’s to more times when we can serve him faithfully, giving his more breathing space.

      Thanks for commenting! It’s great to see you here.

  3. What an interesting concept, Ceil! I never thought of vacations as holy before, but you are right. The family vacation is all about loving and serving our kids!

    I feel better about things … but is it wrong to want a personal vacay? πŸ™‚

    Good to see you back posting!

    • Hi Jerralea! Are you kidding? No way is that wrong! Being good to yourself is something God wants for us too. Go for it! I know what a faithful grandma you are, you always have such fun things for your grands to do when they visit.

      Now you can take a turn too!
      It’s great to be back, thank you. And thanks for visiting today πŸ™‚

  4. Welcome back, my friend! I love this post. I think it’s easy to get the word holy all confused with perfection. If Christ lives in us, that make us holy, just as he is holy. Thank you for putting this into perspective! Sounds like you had a great summer!

    • Hi Debby! One of the best things about being back is getting in touch with my blogger friends again…like you!!

      I like the way you point out that holiness isn’t the same as perfection. Thank goodness for that. When we try, truly try, we are holy.

      I did have a wonderful summer, so many fun things we did. I hope we can continue that into the fall too πŸ™‚

      Thanks for visiting tonight my friend,

  5. What a wonderful commentary on a grand summer of connecting with children and grandchildren! Love this, my friend! So happy for you!! Very glad to find you back here!!❀️

    • Hi Pam! It’s so fun to be back, the summer just slipped away, but we had so much fun. Thank you for being happy for us, that means a lot.

      It’s good to be reconnected again πŸ™‚

  6. James Taylor … You’ve got a friend … Fire and Rain … you’ve brought back memories …

    and …

    your holiday adventures have made memories for the young ones to remember in future.

    God bless you and your family.

    • Hi Victor! Isn’t it true? James Taylor was really a big part of my young life. He’s an old guy now, but then again, so am I!

      God’s blessings on you and yours my friend. It’s good to be reconnected again,

  7. Oh, amen, Ceil, that is exactly where prayers and holiness are found! What a joyous summer you have had, spending it so beautifully with family, and I can tell by your post here how it’s rejuvenated you. Can’t wait for more posts from you soon, dear friend!

    • Hi Martha! Thanks for visiting while on your blog break!

      I did have a great summer, I was busier than I can ever remember. But it was so much fun. Thank you for your lovely words about my return, it’ll be great to get reconnected with you πŸ™‚

      Have a wonderful week,

  8. It’s great to hear about your summer and lovely to see you back here, Ceil. I’m glad you had a good time with your grandchildren even ask you were serving them. The James Taylor concert sounds fun too. I wasn’t familiar with his music until I went to a tribute concert this summer which wrnt through his story and included several of his songs!

    • Hi Lesley! It’s good to be back, that’s for sure. We did have a great time with the grandchildren, and visiting with family too.

      I LOVE James Taylor, so I’m glad you connected with him this summer too. He’s been around for a long time, but his big famous time was the 1970’s, 1980’s. My whole family enjoys his music.

      Have a great week!

  9. Nice to see you back Ceil. I think service/serving, whether done from pure love or necessity is a prayer in a physical form. I’m sure God would prefer actions rather than plain prayer alone (what here we would call β€˜lip service’). So glad you enjoyed your own Blessings, Andrina X

    • Hi Andrina! Oh my goodness, it’s so great to hear from you again! I still think about you, and pray for you and yours too.

      I absolutely agree with you, and that the Lord wants action, not just lip service. I love your insight, thank you for sharing it. I hope this summer was a good one for you too, although I’m sure your heart is still heavy. I’ll be visiting you on your blog (new address?) soon.


  10. Hi Ceil,
    what a lovely holiday you have had with the family. Every day in our lives is written in His book before even one of them was formed, so God had that beautiful holiday planned for you before even you knew about it.
    So glad you have shared your wonderful experiences in your post.
    God bless you and your family.

    • Hi Brenda! Yes, God planned all those days for me, isn’t that something? How much he loves us all. I really did have a great time in those summer months, taking a blog break was really the right thing.

      But now, it’s nice to get back to visiting all my blog friends…like you!

  11. Welcome back, Ceil! I missed you. It sounds like you had a busy summer. πŸ™‚ Every moment with our grandkids is so priceless, isn’t it? And so nurturing for them. To help children to remember how important and special they are truly is “holy.” πŸ™‚ I hadn’t thought of it in that way, so thank you. Even when we no longer have the energy to romp around with them, they can always use a listening ear, an available lap, and many hugs!. πŸ™‚ Your grandkids are blessed to have a grandma like you. πŸ™‚ Blessings and hugs!

    • Hi Trudy! I missed connecting with you too! Seems like we were both of the same mind though. We needed our summer break, and now we’re happy to be back.

      I’m hoping to have energy for a while, but it’s comforting to know that I can still be a peaceful, loving presence to the grands at any time. We are very blessed to have these special ones in our lives.

      Have a wonderful week!

  12. A very warm welcome back to you, dear Ceil! And an amen to your post! Lots has happened during the time of your absence but in a nutshell, if you have the chance to read my latest post (before today’s), it is a long and personal post. It will also explain why I have the Go Fund Me link on the right hand column of my blog now. Long story, but my income is extremely limited and I am having to move because where I am living now, (renting the basement of a house for the last 5 and a half years), the owners are planning to sell their house and I will be moving. That is the basics, but there are a lot more details in the post previous to today’s. I am very happy to see you back and have thought of you often during your absence, wondering how you are. Warm hugs and much love to you, and once again, a very warm welcome back!

    • Hi Linda! I didn’t read the post before your last one, so I’ll get back there soon to check it out. Sounds like it was very unexpected? I’m so sorry for your challenges…I guess I’ll find out just how challenging soon.
      Thank you for the warm wishes on my blogging return. It will be great to continue our blogging friendship πŸ™‚

    • Hi Cecelia! Thank you for your warm welcome back to the blogging world! I don’t know, you published a book…that seems pretty wonderful and memorable to me! I know I’m proud of you πŸ™‚

      Blessings and peace right back to you my friend,

  13. Hi Ceil:

    I love Michigan ( have a home in Decatur, near Paw Paw). I was not able to spend much time there, this year due to my complicated hip surgery.. So glad you enjoyed a holy vacation.

    • Hi Jean! We were in Coloma this year, very close to Paw Paw! What a beautiful area you have to enjoy. I hope you get there a few times this fall.

      It was so great to see you again at church! What a road you’ve traveled. Welcome back, and I hope you’ll be back to ‘good as new’ soon.

    • Hi Lulu! Aren’t you so nice! It’s great to be back again. I really enjoyed my time away, but it was getting to be time to start writing again. And getting back in touch with my blogging friends, like you! πŸ™‚

      I hope your summer was a good one, and hopefully all the bad weather passed you by. God bless!

  14. I used to know someone named Ceil Ryan but she decided to take the whole summer off and leave us wondering. So…is this her? Welcome back Ceil! I sure hope your summer was a good one. And yes…I believe it was a holy one. Nowhere do i find that holiness requires constant prayer, a church building, robes, or anything else we associate with holiness. Life lived richly can be holy. Well done.

    • Hi Bill! Oh, I know. Just getting rid of the cobwebs was a huge job, and that’s just the webs around my brain! It certainly is me, and I am back. I had a wonderful summer, and I’m so ready to reconnect with the bloggers I know, including you!

      I hope you had a great summer season too, with plenty of safe bike riding, and family visits. God bless you and yours, as you live your life richly and with holiness.

    • Hi Cheryl! Thank you for your warm welcome back to blogland! I had a wonderful summer, lots of fun and relaxing. But now I’m happy to back visiting and hearing from blog friends…just like you!

      Hope you have a peaceful day,

  15. I had to smile at the 30 second attention span.

    Sometimes that speaks to where I am.

    But meanwhile, I join all your fans and followers in welcoming you back, Ceil. So very very good to have you around once again.

    Please know you were missed …


    • Hi Linda! Isn’t it the truth. My mind is all over the place sometimes!

      Thank you for welcoming me back to blogging. It was a fun summer, I’m glad I took the time. But it’s fun to be back in touch with bloggers like you now πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  16. Hi Ceil! It’s so good to see you again! It sounds like you had an amazing summer, full of memory making adventures. In some way, I think vacation is holy. Vacation is a time a part from the normal daily routines/ruts–a place God can work in and within us.

    Thanks for your kind and sweet comment on my blog–I hope to get it posted and responded to soon but other tasks seem to be of greater priority. πŸ™‚ I treasure your comment, support, encouragement, and friendship.



  17. Just clicking around on the blogs…

    “If there were no limits, what would you like to learn how to do?”

    I saw this on your profile and… well, thought I’d answer. You know what I’d like to do? Fly. Without a plane. Just with verve.

    • Hi Sandi! I LOVE your answer! ‘Just with verve’. That’s a wonderful goal. I think we put so many limits on what we can do, it’s almost hard to come up with something to learn without them. But you didn’t have any trouble with that at all. That’s so cool!!

      Have a lovely weekend my friend,

  18. What a blessing this is to read and just as I am getting ready to leave in the next hour to spend a weekend away with my grandkids. Perfect timing. Love your sentence : Honestly, I can’t think of many activities that embody holiness more than a family vacation.


    • Hi Jean! How lovely to see you here again! Have fun with the grandkids this weekend πŸ™‚ I’m going to see my daughter’s family this weekend myself, looking forward to some fun times with them.

      It’s so great to be connected to my blog friends again, which of course includes you.

      Safe Travels!

  19. Oh Ceil, I love this. I LOVE that you had such a beautiful and HOLY summer filled with joy and love and all the precious moments spent with family that truly do a spirit good.

    I’ll be looking at vacations differently from now on… <3

    • Hi Chris! Thank you so much for reading two blog posts and commenting on them both! You are such an encourager!

      It was a beautiful, love-filled summer. Awesome. And now I know it was holiness in action too. What more could I want?

      So good to see you again!

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