Wanted: Prayer Partner

“What are you waiting for?”


Has God ever asked you that question?


When I pray, I can tell the Lord all my thoughts, hopes and desires. He loves to hear from his children. Talking to God draws me into his presence, and deepens our relationship.

But it’s not a relationship if it’s a one-way street. It can’t be ‘all me’ doing the talking. He gets a turn too. Being quiet enough to listen brings the reward of his voice inside my soul.

And he says some very challenging things.

Years ago, I was praying consistently for a prayer partner. I figured we could mentor each other to a stronger faith. We could share our ideas and lives. Maybe if I asked enough times, like the Persistent Widow (Luke 18), I’d get a positive answer.

Waiting for an answer, I created scenarios in my mind. A woman would come up to me and we’d start talking. She’d be looking for someone to pray with. Or maybe invite me to pray with her well-established prayer group. Oh yeah. I had it all figured out. I was sure that God would agree with me.

Except he didn’t.

I was specific in prayer, and the Lord was specific in answer. He told me to talk to a woman I barely knew. I was supposed to tell her that he directed me to ask her.

WHAT??? You’re joking, right?

This is not the plan I had in mind AT ALL.  “Come on Lord, this woman is going to think I’m some kind of nut job. You don’t want that for me, do you?”

It was crystal clear what I should do. But I stalled and stalled. I’d go back to prayer, hoping for a new answer. After about two weeks, the question came.

“What are you waiting for?”

Fine. I guess I have to do it. I was scared. I remember the day I saw the woman in church. Gulp. Ok…here goes….

I walked up to her and asked we could talk. Remember, I knew her by sight, that was about it.


two-women-talking_21193154We walked to the back of the aisle. “Well…”  I explained what God had asked me to tell her. Would she like to pray with me?

I’m pretty sure someone sucked out all the air in the room. I thought I was going to implode waiting for her reply. She calmly looked at me and said, “Sure.”

Turns out she was asking God for a prayer partner too.

In my mind, I thought someone would come up to me and invite me to pray, but God turned that around. I was the one doing the asking.

I learned two valuable lessons that day. First, if I ask, God will answer. It’s just not always going to be the way I imagined. Second, once I hear from the Lord, it’s up to me to see it through.

He’s arranged it all already. So what am I waiting for?


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58 thoughts on “Wanted: Prayer Partner

    • Hi Michelle! Oh my gosh, how FUN to see your face here this morning! Thank you so much for coming over to visit, and leaving a comment too 🙂

      I know it can be a little tricky to figure out how to leave a comment, I’m so glad you stuck with it. Yay!
      And I’m so happy you liked the post today. And I saw that you joined my FB page too? I really appreciate the support my friend. It means a lot.

      Hope the snow doesn’t stop you much today. I think you are getting more than we are. God keep you safe.
      Have a blessed day Michelle. You made me smile!

    • Hi Linda! Well, I wish I could say that I loved the ‘orchestration’ the first time I heard it. But I sure didn’t.

      It turned out that my prayer partner and I became very good friends. She is a gift, and a joy. You are so right. God knew exactly who I would need, and he answered two prayers that moment in the back of church. It is amazing.

      Have a great Wednesday Linda 🙂

    • Hi Karen! I do love how he arranges things! I just have to work on being a little bit faster on the obedience end. Karen, I was absolutely petrified that this woman would think I was off my rocker.

      But why would God do something like that to me? He wouldn’t. So I’m glad I finally listened too. “This woman” and I are still friends! God is so good 🙂
      Have a happy Wednesday! Thank you for your visit today,

  1. Oh, how I’ve been there, Ceil! It’s the most wonderful thing to hear direction from God and be obedient to it! He knows what is best and I want to be in his perfect will! I so enjoyed this because there are times you have to test…is it me? or Gods direction? I could write a book when I was going through my “C” how I was led through every decision, how everything fell into place. I tear up just typing this how God gave me miracle after miracle….how I felt his loving arms and presence with me. Sometime soon, I am posting in great detail of my healing.(more than before) Thanks for the beautiful post…..and for your prayer partner! Blessings to both of you~~~Roxie

    • Hi Roxie! I love how you witness to the Lord speaking in your life. I would love to read about how God gifted you in your time of illness and challenge. You would encourage so many people Roxie. You have such a loyal following at your blog-home.

      Miracle after miracle. That sure sounds like our Father, who never wants us to feel alone. How much he loves you, my friend. And how happy I am that he made a way for us to know each other. He is so good!

      Thank you for your precious testimony this morning. Blessings to you!

    • Hi Cecelia! That’s a great Scripture to go along with this wonderful memory. There I was seeking, knocking and asking…and then shutting the door when the answer came. Sure sounds like something I’d do.

      God moves in his mysterious ways, with a goal of giving me more faith. He sure showed me how much he loved me, and heard me too. He is an awesome God.

      Happy Wednesday Cecelia! Thank you for your visit today 🙂

  2. That’s right Ceil,
    He prepares the good works, we walk into them. I remember the Lord telling me to go to Mayfair in London with my friends, a green guitar and some leaflets for evangelizing that we had put together. Whilst stood outside a fashion shop which had a painting on an easel as part of the window display, one of my friends said ‘Look at those shoes, I wouldn’t give the £450 pounds they are asking for them. I said ‘Never mind the shoes, look at the bottom of the painting.’ Right at the bottom of the painting was written the very verse that the Lord had used to finally convince me to go to Mayfair. ‘So Jesus answered and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My sake and the gospel’s, who shall not receive a hundredfold now in this time—houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions—and in the age to come, eternal life. ‘

    • Hi Brenda! You have the most amazing stories of evangelization! I can’t imagine what you thought when you saw that passage. At a fashion shop, no less!

      God sure does have a way of showing us he likes what we’re doing. He certainly liked your good works. Green guitar and all 🙂

      It’s always an encouragement to see you here Brenda. Have a wonderful day,

    • Hi Deb! Thank you so much for your encouraging words, that is so kind of you. I’m glad you see the post as thought provoking too. The experience sure made me think, I’ll tell you that.

      Have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

  3. Oh, how we fight it when God doesn’t do what we think He should. Your story is the perfect example of God thinking outside OUR box! Thanks, Ceil!

    • Hi Pam! No kidding. I guess I think that if God is listening, he’ll do exactly what I expect him to do. Yikes. Good thing he doesn’t, just imagine all the trouble I’d get into.

      More than we can ask for or imagine. Yep. That sounds wonderful!
      Blessings on your day my friend 🙂

    • Hi Linda! It was really neat. And terrifying. But that’s God for you, answering my prayer by making me stretch my wings.

      He knew this experience would make a huge impression on me, and let me tell you, it did! He truly does speak to us. We just have to be willing to listen.
      Nice to see you today 🙂

  4. Wow! What a wonderful story – I loved reading how He was directing you to a prayer partner! Your story is so inspiring – The next time I’m not sure that I want to do what I feel He’s directing me to do, I’ll be sure to remember your beautiful story!

    • Hi Ginger! How nice to meet you today! Thank you for visiting.

      I’m so happy that you found this post inspiring. I hoped it would be. It’s so easy for me to think that what I am hearing in prayer is just me, or some crazy idea. But God speaks some challenging words sometimes, especially in response to my prayers.

      I hope you will visit here again. I’d love to get to know you better!

  5. You asked, and you were obedient…and God so lovingly showed you the gift he wanted to give and did give. What a wonderful gift to have a prayer partner!

    • Hi Dionne! It really was a wonderful gift. My prayer partner and I became great friends. Sharing our faith and our lives is a very intimate thing. Having Christ in common makes the experience such a blessing.

      I should keep this post in mind myself. I can still be awfully pokey in following through…but as you say, God will give what he wants to give if I will listen and obey.
      Wise words Dionne!

    • Hi Alison! Well, it was a step in faith, no doubt. But I sure took my time to do it! But you’re right, God used me to be an answer to a prayer for someone else. How can I be so selfish to take that away by being embarrassed?

      I am so glad that God knew exactly what to say to me to get me off my knees and in front of that woman! God is good 🙂
      Always a pleasure to see your smiling face!

    • Hi Monica! You are so right. If I wasn’t listening, I never would have heard those terrifying words. God is all about making me better, not leaving me in one place too long.

      It’s not a ‘no’. It’s a ‘here’s something new to try.’ I pray I will always be open to follow his will for me. Even when it sounds preposterous!
      Thank you for your visit today 🙂

  6. Ceil,
    What an amazing post! It’s just what I needed to hear today. I haven’t stopped by on here for a while but I’ve been thinking about you the past few weeks. I love the new site! Thanks so much for this encouraging post. It really ministered to my heart.
    God bless!

    • Hi Gretchen! It has been a long time since I’ve seen you! I’m glad you were directed over here to my new blog-space. I’m happy that you like it here. I hope you will stop by often 🙂

      It’s so great that you felt encouraged, what a lovely thing to say. I think I encouraged myself too. I am praying to be a little faster at saying ‘yes.’ It makes all the difference.

      Happy Wednesday!

  7. What a wonderful story. Thank you Ceil for sharing it with us and for encouraging others to listen to that “inner voice” from God.

    Often, we don’t know how He will respond to our prayers.

    When I pray, I suspect God nudges Jesus and asks for the headache tablets.

    God bless.

    • Hi Victor! I never know how he’ll respond to my prayers, and that is a very good thing. Perhaps how I wish he would respond is not the best thing for me. Thanks be to him who knows what is good for my life.

      Well…he reaches for them but there aren’t any more. I was ahead of you in line. Sorry about that.
      Blessings 🙂

  8. Love this story, Ceil. A few years back, I had a lady call me from church and ask if I’d be her prayer partner every morning by phone. We did it for quite awhile and it drew us closer than anything else could have. I still consider her a very special friend because of the time we spent together in prayer over the phone.

    He does arrange things for us; I just don’t always see it! Please increase my vision, Lord! I’m glad you had the courage and wisdom to ask the lady to be your partner.

    • Hi Lisa! I love your story too! I think sharing faith is so intimate, that you just can’t help but make a deep connection with your partner. It truly is a gift. I bet you will feel connected to your phone partner the rest of your life.

      I join you in your prayer for vision. With the Lord’s eyesight, we will have courage. Nothing would get in the way.
      Thank you for your visit today 🙂

  9. I chuckled reading this, Ceil – your reactions were very much what mine would have been in the same scenario! “You want me to do what?!” Lol. I guess we need to learn to step out in faith like this more often! Great post!

    • Hi Mary! I am so glad you said that…makes me feel less like the Lone Ranger! I suppose that God is interested in me growing deeper in my faith, and that means being willing to walk out where I would never walk.

      Terrifying!! But he blesses the walk, and makes it all look so effortless. I hope I’ll learn to be quicker when he calls.

      Thanks for your kind words Mary,

    • Hi Dayle! Boy, is that the truth! And I think it is a wise person who can sit back and watch the Lord at work. Not want to jump in and possibly get in God’s way.

      I want to be like you!
      Thank you for your visit Dayle. I always love to see your smiling face 🙂

  10. Great reminder of listening to the Lord and then acting on it. I have had a few “shaking in my boots” experiences stepping out for Him. Love how He cares about all the details of our lives.

    • Hi Mindy! I would love to see you write about your ‘shaking in my boots’ moments. It’s so inspiring to hear how God really does touch our lives. And he does it every day.

      We are his precious ones, and he does enjoy watching us living out the mission he has planned. I hope I will always do that.
      Have a peaceful night my friend!

    • Hi Patty! Well, thank you very much for thinking of me! I am so honored.

      Isn’t it wonderful how we can inspire each other with just sharing our lives? You do that for me too. I am so glad that we met through our blogs. We can be blessings for each other!

      Have a peaceful night. And thank you for your generosity.

  11. Wow, what a great lesson that is! Obedience is one thing, but being bold enough to be obedient? I admit it’s a struggle for me. I tend to limit myself because I’m shy and a bit of and introvert, but wouldn’t God give me that boldness if I just asked? Also, what a great reminder that when praying for a result, the Lord may have a different idea in mind for me to have that result. Good stuff Ceil.

    • Hi Peggy! I am so happy to see you! I’ve checked your blog, but didn’t see a new post. Thank you for coming by!

      I do think that God would give you every ounce of courage you would need. But it is a struggle for me too (obviously…I sure waited around for long enough!), but if I truly trust in him, he’ll help. And he did! And he would do the same for you, I know it.

      Have a good night my friend!

    • Hi Dolly! How nice to see you here! Thank you for visiting. It was so nice to stop by your blog today.

      I love how God surprises me too…in hindsight! I was so nervous…how could the Lord do this to me? But he made it turn out so well. And my prayer partner and I are friends to this day. He knows what he is about!

      I hope I’ll see you again sometime 🙂

  12. Good Morning Ceil, my friend!

    What a GREAT post! Don’t feel bad, I would have done the same thing you did. Don’t you know we are never to stay in our comfort zone too long? God will Always push you a wee bit, to get you into a whole different place of comfort. I am a very reserved person and the first time I had to do something outspoken, was well lets just say very, very hard for me. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack or stop breathing all together. But, after a awhile of praying and seeking and asking God to take that fear away, it got much easier with time. I’m a bit more outgoing now, thank goodness and I’m a little more willing to step out of my comfort zone and reach into God’s Zone…. He’s always got the answer, doesn’t he?! And, I’m so thankful for when it’s his timing not mine.

    How is your week going? Has it been nice or frigid cold? We, here in Colorado are now going on day 4 of extreme cold. Last night temp with the wind chill was -21. Now that’s cold! All is well here, just waiting patiently for my Birthday parties! Roxy’s throwing me a birthday tea tomorrow and my dear friend is throwing me one on my birthday (Valentine’s Day). Yahoo! I figure, why not celebrate all month! I mean you only turn 36 once, right?!

    Have a great day, Ceil!


    • Hi Amy! Thank you for your wonderful comment, I sure was scared to death. I really thought this woman would think I was crazy. How could I doubt God like that? But like you, I think I am a little more brave now. Long way to go, but step by step.

      I like how you said God is pushing to a new area of comfort. That’s a great thought Amy. Just because I’m comfortable here, doesn’t mean I won’t be somewhere else. Maybe even MORE comfortable. Love that!

      It’s pretty cold today, about 10F. We got seven inches of snow yesterday. Drifts are 5 feet in some places. What a winter! My sister lives in Colorado, so I know it gets super cold there. Someday you should email me (‘Contact Me’) and tell me where you live. I get out to Colorado once every five years or so (LOL!), wouldn’t it be a hoot to meet???

      Have a wonderful celebration tomorrow at Roxy’s. You deserve it! I’ll be thinking of you 🙂

    • Hi Jean! God sure is amazing. I’m sure you have had moments like this too. It’s so stunning, you hardly know what to say…

      She really was a great gift to me. And we are friends to this day. The Lord knows what we need, and gives so lovingly. I feel the same way about you! You were so open and helpful with my switch to WordPress, so generous. And now we’re friends too. Yay!

      Have a peaceful evening 🙂

    • Hi Dee! I really like that too. It helps me to see that God does truly move in each one of us. We are not imagining the love and mercy of the Lord. He truly is that good.

      Blessings to you, and my thanks for your visit and blog-friendship too,

  13. Isn’t He just wonderful?! He knows our heart’s desires and aligns everything so perfectly to fulfill them. I have been praying for a spiritual friend. I have been blessed with wonderful bloggers such as yourself to connect with and it has given me a taste of spiritual kinship. I would love a sister in Christ to talk to and go out for coffee with.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It reassures me that the answer is around the corner.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    • Hi Jennifer! No kidding, God knew all along who would be my prayer partner. I think he really likes requests like that. Because the goal is to know him better, through his children.

      I pray that you will find that partner too. And that a God will lead you right to her.

    • Hi Aneta! You are so right. Thanks be to God that he kept after me all that time. He didn’t give up, and I finally responded. That call was not going to stop.

      You felt that call too, so you know what I’m saying. We are so blessed! It is up to us to take that step. I pray I’ll take it faster next time!

      Thank you for your visit today! It’s so nice to see you 🙂

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