Post It Notes for Pizza

Last month, I was visiting my my blog friend’s site, when I viewed a video that really touched me. Linda, at Linda’s Peaceful Place, offers several videos in each of her posts to view, and I’m so glad I ‘clicked’ on this one.

It really shows how a simple idea can bloom and bring joy and comfort to people who desperately need that in their day. It’s a really short video, just a hair over three minutes, but well worth the time. I think you’ll be just as inspired as I was.


I am going out of town today to be with my daughter and her family. She is giving birth to baby #4 on May 1st, and I will be helping with babysitting, and whatever else is needed. To my blog friends: I won’t have a chance to visit you on your blogs this week, but I’ll be back next Sunday.

Have a blessed week, and please pray for my daughter, her family, and the safe delivery of a healthy baby boy!

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25 thoughts on “Post It Notes for Pizza

  1. Praying for your sweet family, Ceil! I always came home exhausted, hope your stamina is better than mine! Know you will love every minute with them!
    Blessings !

  2. Dearest Ceil,

    I am so happy that you liked this video, and thank you so much for mentioning my blog in your post today! Congratulations to your daughter, and I will definitely keep you both in my prayers. For a safe and healthy delivery, and for the help you will be able to give. God bless you and have a safe and wonder filled journey!

  3. This is a blessing to so many, to know others have their backs, and it is an inspiration to those of us who can do simple acts of kindness and helping others. Enjoy your visit with your daughter and her family, and especially meeting your new grandson, Ceil. My prayers for her as she gives birth, and for her sweet little boy to be strong and healthy. May the Lord fill this wonderful event with joy!

  4. Hi Ceil! Thank you for sharing this touching and inspiring video. What an amazing and simple way to bless others.

    Prayers for your daughter as she prepares to welcome a new son into the world. What a blessing you will be receiving as you welcome a new grandchild into your family.

    Blessings to you!


  5. This is inspirational and I love the last line that though it is small thing it is not insignificant! I am so happy for you and your family. Another grandchild, what a blessing. Have a safe trip and may all go well as your daughter births another baby!

  6. Oh, Ceil, this video was so inspiring! May we all pay it forward every chance we get.
    So excited about the new grandchild about to come. I know your daughter is more than grateful for your presence with her and the other littles at this time.
    Danny will be coming home this week for two weeks of home-health rehab. Surgery is down the road. I know you are busy, busy, busy, but your prayers for complete healing from infection and the doctors’ ability to put in a permanent pacemaker would be so appreciated!
    God speed, my friend, and celebrate the gift of new life!

  7. Baby #4? How exciting. Being a grandmother is such a blessing. Pray you all feel God’s peaceful presence during this time! The Pay it Forward is God’s hands at work for sure. I’d seen this with a coffee shop too somewhere. It is an idea that is catching on.

  8. I loved the video- such a great idea! Hope you have a lovely week with your family- praying everything goes well with the arrival of your new grandson!

  9. It is lovely to see acts of kindness in the sadness of this world. I have always particularly found it hard to understand why a veteran who has fought for his country is homeless.
    God bless your daughter with a calm and painless childbirth, and may nanna have a wonderful time introducing her new grandson to this world.

  10. That video of what that pizza place does for others warms my heart, Ceil. Just a simple act of kindness can bring joy to someone in need. I was touched by how that one man who was a recipient one day became a giver after he got a job. Yes, Pay It Forward!

    Have a wonderful week with your daughter’s family and new grandson! May God give them all strength, safety, and peace. You, too! Love and hugs!

  11. Oh, congratulations, sweet friend!! I am so happy for you and your daughter and family! Trusting Jesus that all goes well with mom and baby. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back home. 🙂 God bless you!

  12. Congratulations on the new grandbaby Ceil! I am so happy for you and your family! Praying for a safe delivery and precious moments with the new little one! I watched the video and it is an amazing thing to “pay it forward” working in such a beautiful way! I’ve been to Linda’s site and she does share some amazing videos and thoughts. Blessings and prayers for your family!

  13. I love everything that Linda posts on her page. It always makes me feel good leaving her blog. Good vibes all around!

    Glad you shared this here.

  14. OMG this is INCREDIBLE. I am in tears watching the video… just amazing. I want every single restaurant to do this!

    I know I’m late, but I wish and pray for a beautiful healthy baby!! I hope she and baby are doing great. God bless you and your precious family, Ceil!

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