My Word For 2017: Now

For a few years now, I’ve chosen a word to guide me as I begin a new year. Sometimes the word comes easily, sometimes I struggle for weeks, searching for a word or concept that will inspire me.

My word for 2016 was ‘discover’, and let me tell you, it was a doozy. Last year was a challenge from the get-go, and discovering the meaning and blessing in all of it was often a huge challenge. We had two car accidents, managed to stay married through a two-month kitchen renovation, several rounds of physical therapy for various ailments, and as you might already know, my father died.

Discover? Oh yeah, I discovered all right. I discovered my vast need for patience. I discovered that loss teaches many lessons, including the value and pain of grief, and the joy of realizing that my family is special and precious (special shout-out to my sisters Kitty, Mary and Liz). And not least, the lesson that life goes on even though our loved ones may not.

I think I’ll always keep ‘discover’ with me. It’s been such a big part of the past 365 days, it’s become a good friend.

But now I look to 2017, just a few weeks old, and I wonder. What word does God want to give me as I travel in this precious new year? Each day is a gift, every minute a love offering from the Creator to his children. How do I make the most of it all?

And then it comes to me. My new word for 2017? “Now.”


The key to living a life that is both physically and spiritually powerful is living in the present. Right here. Right now. The past happened before now, I can’t change it. The future is beyond now, draped in fog. I can’t begin to guess what’s in store.

But now? That’s where I’m living, and where God meets me. In every task, every joy, every challenge.

Living fully in the present won’t be an easy proposition. There have been plenty of times I’ve walked away from the pressing needs of the day. I’d much rather put that off until tomorrow. Or allow myself to get too busy, running myself ragged instead of giving myself the gift of slowing my day and my mind to pay attention to ‘now’.

The glory and joy and wonder of God, and his people, is here for me every minute of the day. If I don’t remain attentive to what’s happening, I’ll miss my opportunity to witness the Lord’s gifts and presence.

I’ll miss the opportunity to shine in his wonderful light.

Why should I settle for only a rare glimpse of that light, when there’s a flood of it just waiting to fill me…now?

This year, my hope is to live my life. Really experience it, staying awake to the gifts and grace of my every day, my every minute.

2017 has already begun. There’s no better time for me to start than…well… Now.


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58 thoughts on “My Word For 2017: Now

  1. This is a perfect word “Now” you have inspired me. I too shall keep this word close to me and remember each moment and to live in the ‘now’ and not put off the things I can do today till another.

    • Hi Diana! Thank you so much for your comment, it’s great to see your name pop up!
      I’m so glad you’re inspired to keep ‘now’ close to you this year. I think it’s a great way to live each day. We don’t want to miss a thing, right?

      Hope you had a great weekend my friend,

    • Hi Donna! I really wrestled with what I should pick for the year, and finally this word came. It is a good one, I agree!

      Thank you for being such a support on Facebook,and I appreciate your comment here πŸ™‚

      Have a great week!

  2. What a great word to focus on for 2017. We can’t change the past but we can sure learn from it as we live in the present and trust God with our tomorrows. Great post,Ceil.

    • Hi Aneta! Thank you for your encouraging words for the post. You summarized it perfectly. The past is gone, let’s learn from it and move forward. We have so much to see and do right ‘now’.

      Nice to see you again!

    • Hi Lulu! It is a challenge, but it’s fun too to find a word for the year. This one really spoke to me, and I hope to live by it in 2017.

      Blessings to you too in your ‘now’. Have a peaceful night my friend,

    • Hi Linda! You know, I didn’t talk about how the future isn’t promised to anyone, but it’s a great insight into spending my energy in the ‘now’. Thank you for that!

      Have a peaceful night, enjoying the ‘now’ of rest,

  3. This is just beautiful, my friend. I trust God to bless your every moment of “now” and pour out His most abundant gifts upon you this year. May it be your happiest year yet, and may He continue to hold you as you walk through the many stages of grief. Thinking of you and praying for you!

    • Hi Cheryl! Thank you for your prayers and wishes for this to be the best year ever. I have great hope in the ‘now’, trying hard not to look back, or forward. Just deal with what’s in front of me, the good and the hard. You are very familiar with this I know.

      May God lead us both into his perfect gifts right now, because they are there. And he will bring us comfort and healing and our sense of purpose.
      God bless,

  4. Now is a very wise word to have for right now. We all seem to live life busily and not realise that the important thing is what we do right NOW. It affects us presently as well as our future; and hopefully it draws wisdom from our past.

    By the way; I have just been interviewed. Link on my Blog.

    God bless you and yours, right NOW and always.

    • Hi Victor! I didn’t think about how the now is a source of wisdom for the future, but I really like that. Thank you for that insight. What I do right now certainly does influence my future, and can give me the power in faith and grace to move forward.

      Congrats on your interview! I’ll have to stop by and check it out πŸ™‚

  5. I think you and I are in the same age bracket, Ceil, for I, too, feel that I need to live in the NOW of my life. God is consistently showing me that wallowing in regrets of the past and worrying about the “what ifs” of the future accomplish nothing and hinder us from the blessings and lessons of now. Praying you experience a truly blessed year filled with the presents of the present. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Pam! I think you’re right about our stage in life. We both have extended family now, and are living in empty nests! Maybe it is age that brings us this wisdom. When we were younger, it was all we could do to keep up with our busy and noisy families.

      But however we got here, it’s a blessed insight to know that God is here. Right now. Partering with us as we move through our days. I kind of love that. May we see his works and love in everyday.
      Blessings my spiritual friend,

    • Hi Linda! ‘Faith’ is such a great word. I know that I have to learn on it like crazy these days. My physical therapy is doing less than I expected, and I don’t understand why. I have to have the faith that God has it in his hands.

      And that leads me to living in the ‘now’. I know I’ll get there, and I’ll be stronger for all this discomfort and questioning. Faith will give me hope, and doing what I need to do now will get me where I need to go. Faith and now are good partners!
      Have a wonderful Monday too πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sandi! Oh my gosh, it’s so weird, but my original title had an exclaimation point after the word ‘now’. But I got rid of it because it sounded too much like ‘BANG!’ In my head. Your seeing that period just screams that you’re a writer. Love it.

      Just do it. Amen.
      Have a blessed Monday,

  6. Hi Ceil – Discover would suit me down to the ground … but I think that is every day as I keep asking my questions or looking for information; however ‘NOW’ is what I need to do – put all else aside and do the NOW … I’ll remember this – as I need to discover that 2017 is the NOW I need! It will be … but I need to get on it … NOW!! Cheers and thanks for your excellent word in the light of life today … Hilary

    • Hi Hilary! What a great way to put those two words together.
      I think each person will connect to different words depending on where they are in their lives. Discover might be your focus, but you can discover a lot in the ‘now’.

      Thank you for your kind words about the post, I really appreciate them. I look forward to reading about your adventures in discovery πŸ™‚

  7. 2016 was difficult for you on many levels, friend. Yet you persevered and gave yourself grace and did the next right thing over and over. You are an inspiration.

    It’s interesting how living fully in the present can so easily be squashed by the dailyness of life and its demands and joys. I look forward to reading how NOW plays out for you.

    Somehow I already know that the lessons you learn will be game-changers for us, too. I’m grateful …

    • Hi LInda! Both of our 2016’s were a challenge, I know that. And I now that just because the year ended doesn’t mean that they will stop anytime soon. But if I decide to stay right here in the present, not borrowing trouble from the past, or gloomy thoughts of the future, life is going to be a lot rosier.

      My I never squash the joy of right now. The joy that the Father so freely hands me. I”m going to be okay, even if I can’t really see it now.
      Monday blessings,

  8. That is a fantastic word, Ceil. And I resonated with your conflict of either putting off things for tomorrow or getting caught up in busyness. I know I tend to fill my time up when things slow down, and make future commitments that I can’t keep when work picks up pace. To live in the now is to be in the flow of the Spirit, which you have inspired me to remember. Have a beautiful day of moments being completely present!

    • Hi Lynn! So I have a sister in busyness…I think it’s a lot more common than we would suspect. It’s all a balance, and that’s hard to learn. Especially as you pointed out, times change. We can be wide open one minute, then crazy busy the next.

      I will try very hard to stay in my moment to moment, and not look for trouble! God is with me right here, and he will not fail me. Ever.

      Blessings to you my friend,

  9. I’m so sorry this past year was filled with painful losses, Ceil. It’s still a mystery to me how we “discover” more of God’s love for us through the difficult times than if everything went smoothly. Living in the NOW. A good word to remember. I, too, am trying to do this – “staying awake to the gifts and grace of my every day, my every minute.” I can be such a worrywart about future uncertainties, but then I become blind to the blessings we’re still surrounded with. I have to learn to let go and let God. He’s got it all under control, right? May God abundantly bless you this year! Love and hugs!

    • Hi Trudy! I think worrywart describes me very well. It’s a hard habit to break. Maybe that’s why God led me to stay right in the moment. It’s where I am anyway, might as well enjoy it! And it’s never going to come again.

      God bless us as we learn to decrease, and let him increase. We’ll make it, absolutely.
      God’s blessings to you too my friend. Love that cyberhug!

  10. Amen! Amen, sweet sister! I think that is a very good word indeed and one I think I cherish and seek to sink into more than ever as I have gotten older. When I don’t, I miss moments that are irretrievable and priceless and in the process I can miss the Lord as well! Love and hugs, Pam

    • Hi Pam! Thank you for your enthusiastic responss to my word for 2017! You are the second person who has referred to age when realizing that ‘now’ is an important place. Age and experience must be playing a role in this, and I’m not surprised. Certainly we were all very busy with jobs and children in days gone by. Moments hit us over the head!

      Now that it’s a little calmer, busyness is something that I chose, or instead, choose to wake up to what’s happening right in front of me. I like the idea of paying attention now better.
      May you not ever miss a thing my friend and may 2017 show you the blessings and love of God daily.

  11. Hi Ceil! “Now” seems to be a very good word for you. After discovering so much in 2016, living in the “now” seems to be what is needed. I sincerely pray God gives you what you need in the “now.” The Scripture says “my god will supply all your needs…” I pray this year will be the year of years for you.

    • Hi Bill! Your words really struck home with me, thank you so much for your supportive words and beautiful prayer.
      I join you in the prayer that God give me what I need. I’m struggling a bit with my back and neck, and I reallly would appreciate the right course to healing. May this year be my year of healing and joy.


  12. Hi Ceil,
    “Now” is an interesting word. Now…hmm…in the moment, the here-and-now…living life fully aware, ready to receive what God has to give. From what you wrote it sounds like the Lord has given you this word for a reason, a purpose.

    I’m thinking my word is “diligent” (or “diligence”). If you saw my goals for the year mind) considering my word for last year, “abide” (in Christ, on the vine).
    you’d understand why I need to be diligent. In some ways, it makes sense (in my
    Blessings to you for the week!


    • Hi Kim! I think you’re right. God is asking me to live right here, right now. Not to borrow trouble from the past, not to worry about the future. It really is a great place to be, and I will work hard to stay here!
      I like the word ‘diligence’. It reminds me of relentless. Staying the course no matter what. When you are with the Lord, it’s certainly worth it!

  13. I love your choice of word, Ceil. It is easy to get distracted from the present by focussing on the past or future, and so important to stay open to what’s happening now. I look forward to seeing how it works out over the year and I hope that 2017 is better for you after a difficult 2016.

    • Hi Lesley! Stay open. Yes, that’s what I need to do. The grace of life is happening right in front of me, and I should definitely be there to see it.

      I hope I can write about how wonderful it is in the coming year!

  14. The word “now” is perfect, perfect, perfect, Ceil! Don’t we all need that reminder to stay focused in the present? Listening and waiting for God’s still, small voice in each and every moment?
    So much time is wasted when we neglect the “now” and live in the past or anticipate the future without letting God to decide how that will unfold. I’m so happy for you and your word, and will wish you my year’s word, “huge,” for huge nows in your all of 2017!

    • Hi Martha! I’m so glad you like the word, and can see it being applied in many lives. I know that I have spent far too much time reaching back to the past, or imagining a future that I can’t possibly know. Why? While I do that I miss so much of today.

      I love your word, ‘huge’. I hope for huge blessings for both of us in 2017, both physically and spiritually. I think God has a lot in store for us πŸ™‚

  15. Ceil: God teaches us through those times of great stress and trials. One of my favorite ladies in our former church said it this way: “It is when we are in the valleys that we are the most teachable.” She’s in heaven now and I know she is watching down over us from that cloud of witnesses. I find your word interesting. Isn’t it marvelous that God instructs us in what we need when we need it?

    • Hi Cecelia! Your friend was very wise, and her words have stayed with you for a long time. What a wonderful example of God speaking through her for you!
      I’m glad you like my word for 2017. I am always so amazed to see God at work. He absolutely inspired this word for me. I hope to stay right in the moment with him.

  16. I’ve never chosen a word, and have read words from so many others, but this one really strikes a chord with me. Now! It’s perfect, and although I still am not taking a word for the year, I want to apply that word to my life. Thanks!

    • Hi Mari! When I first started blogging, I had never heard of a ‘word for the year’ before. I also read lots of posts about word themes, but I didn’t take to it right away.

      This year, I know that I was inspired to choose this word, and I’m so happy that it’s inspired you too. May we both live right now, right where we are, because our Father is right here too. He’ll help us make the most of our day!

  17. Living in the present, right now, is rich. Ceasing from worry about tomorrow reminds me of Jesus’ words to believe for today’s challenges alone as our Heavenly Father will care for us. He also said not to look back, let the dead bury the dead, but instead seize today’s opportunity to follow Him and serve. I like that word and look forward to all your blog posts that will be built around it, Ceil. Hugs and blessings to you this coming year.

    • HI Mary! Thank you for reminding me about Jesus’ words. He did say that we have enough on our plates in one day. Just take care of that, and God will watch out for the future. Love it.

      Thank you for your good wishes! I wish you the same in this wonderful new year of adventures. I will keep remembering the present, the now. I hope I will be writing about its blessings all year.
      Hugs and blessings right back to you!
      Have a peaceful night,

  18. I totally agree with you Ceil, ‘now’ is the perfect word to focus on, for we do not know what tomorrow brings. How often can we look back and think about when we thought we knew what lay in the future, only to discover later on that things did not happen the way we thought they would.

    • Hi Brenda! You said a mouthful there. That is so true! How can we ever imagine what God has in store for us. We might think we do, but sometimes it ends up completely different.

      I think ‘now’ is the perfect word for me. I can’t wait to travel through 2017 with it!

  19. A powerful message in the word you have chosen! We can’t change the past, nor see the future, but today is ours to have, and what we do with it can affect our future. I think the Lord wants us to live each moment trusting Him, not so concerned about the future as this moment, today, walking with Him. I read a book some time ago by Brother Lawrence, called “The Practice of the Presence of God” and he talks about how each moment he just seeks to stay in the presence of the Lord. It is a short, powerful read.

    May the Lord bless your journey with Him this year, taking you into deeper more abounding places in Him! Hugs to you today!

    • HI MM! I have read some of Bro. Lawrence’s work, and I LOVE it! I really appreciated your using one of his quotes in your comment. Maybe I read that particular book, I don’t remember. But the idea of staying in the presence is exactly what I”m hoping to do this year.
      It’s nice to know that Bro. Lawrence feels the same.

  20. Isn’t it amazing once a word emerges, it appears all over. NOW is a great word that will ground you in the present and motivate you to step forward too. I like the energy it produces. Can’t wait to hear how NOW enhances your year.

    • Hi Jean! Thank you for your kind words about my word for 2017. I do think it will propel me into my future too. If I stay attentive now, I’ll know what paths to take to the will of God. That will be great!

      Have a peaceful night my friend,

  21. If I may, Good Post! Don’t you think that the word, “NOW” should be one of those lifetime words, because there is no better time to give yourself completely over to and gain an ever increasing intimate relationship with God, than NOW.

    • Hi Keith! Thank you for visiting here today!
      I do think that ‘now’ is a forever word, because I know this is where God wants all of us to be. As another commenter pointed out, Jesus asked us to deal with today. Tomorrow has it’s own problems, and God has those already.

      Thank you for your encouragement to keep ‘now’ close. I really hope to do just that!
      I hope to learn more about you too πŸ™‚

  22. I love this SO MUCH, Ceil. I also loved your “Discover”… And you choosing “Now” inspires me to really focus in on the moment right here in front of me. Oh, can I relate to that challenge!

    Here’s to embracing what God offers us in each moment and finding meaning and purpose right where we are at. I’m with you on this. <3

    • Hi Christine! You are always so supportive and energetic, I love it!
      I hope we both embrace what God gives us right now, knowing that he partners right along with us. Every step.

      Love that you want to walk this too. Let’s get going into 2017!

  23. “Now” is a wonderful word for the year, Ceil! We’ve much to learn on this journey, don’t we? Praying that you, your friends here, and I will learn what we need to in the upcoming year. Blessings to you! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Karen! Thank you for your supportive words, I really like ‘now’ myself! Your prayers will be invaluable in helping us all to be faithful to seeing Christ in the moment, and being joyful in it.

      Blessings right back my friend!

  24. Greetings Ceil! That’s a beautiful word for the year. So often we are too busy rushing around worrying about tomorrow and forget to live in the now. It’s a word to reflection on and remember to enjoy the gift of every moment.

    And glad to hear your testimonies God is good!! I haven’t been around online in a long while.

    Have beautiful weekend πŸ™‚

    • Hi Shade! It’s so good to see you here again! Thank you for all your Twitter support, I really appreciate that.

      I’m hoping to stay in the ‘now’ as the days of the new year present themselves. It helps me to worry less, which is always a good thing.
      Hoping your 2017 is the best ever,

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