Sometimes, It Takes A Little More

I stood in the waist-high water of the shallow end of the pool. Not two feet away from the edge, I squinted into the sun to see my little boy standing on the edge of the pool deck.

“Jump to Mommy! You can do it – I’ll catch you. You’ll be fine!”

My little one’s face was a rainbow of emotions. Excitement. Dread. Love. Doubt. Those little feet stayed firmly planted on the deck. Nothing I said seemed to help or encourage a leap into my arms.

Well, there was all that water between us too.

I’m sure thoughts were racing through his mind. Thoughts like:


Will she catch me?

What if I drown?

You know, this doesn’t look like a lot of fun. PASS!


I finally had to give up. Again. “Maybe next time Buddy,” I said with a little sadness. I couldn’t help wishing my child had more trust in me. Haven’t I been worthy of that trust?

I had fed, clothed, napped, Mommy-And-Me’d and treated him to ice pops. I covered outlets, put up safety gates, and caught his flying body as it careened off the bottom of the slide.

But, sometimes it takes a little more.

Remember the story of Thomas the Apostle? How he doubted that Jesus ‘appeared’ to his friends? His doubt was so disturbing to Jesus, that He came back again just for Thomas’ benefit.

What really hit me were the words in John’s Gospel that came after the visit.


Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of his disciples that are not written in this book.  But these are written that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Christ.       ~John 20


The disciples needed Jesus to perform ‘many other’ miracles and signs too, even though He appeared to them after His death. Even though He had come back after dying and rising, they still needed added assurance that He was the Savior.

Jesus, still having to prove Himself. What did He think of the situation?


Will they get it this time?

How many signs will it take?

Why is there this river of doubt between us?


Jesus did everything He was supposed to do. He healed, taught, fed, protected and shared His Spirit. What more could the disciples need?

If you think about it, the apostles were just like my son. They wanted to believe. They wanted to leap over that chasm of doubt, and land in the arms of Jesus. It just took a little more. A little more proof. A little more encouragement.

The good news is that the apostles did come to believe. They did make that leap to become strong, purposeful leaders in the beginning years of the Church. They were rock solid in faith, converting the people they were called to serve.

Back at the pool with my son… He jumped when he got enough encouragement too. Years later he was a member of his high school’s water polo team, winning the state championship four years running.

A little extra. Sometimes, that’s what we need…to finally come to trust.

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70 thoughts on “Sometimes, It Takes A Little More

    • Hi Freda! Thank you so much! Trust is not an easy thing, it makes me ‘jump’ out of myself and recognize that God has me. It might take some time, but I know I’ll get there with his encouragement!

      Have a wonderful Monday!

  1. Another great post, Ceil about our faith in God, and how much we REALLY trust Him.

    Is our faith in God matched with an unshakeable trust that He cares for us, and no matter what happens, no matter how bad things are in our lives, He is there, beside us, all the time caring for us and ready to see us through whatever crisis we face?

    Can you imagine the amount of self-control and concentration of thought we should have to believe, really believe, that not matter what happens, we trust that God loves us and cares for us enough to protect us from all evil?

    Such level of trust may well be beyond what many of us can achieve; but it should not stop us from trying. Through gritted teeth even. We should pray, over and again, that we trust God that He will see us through this dark period in our lives.

    Faith, no matter how great or small, as much as half a mustard seed even, may not be enough. It needs to be accompanied by an unfailing trust that our loving God will never ever let us down.

    It is no point having faith in a Master who walks on water if we do not trust Him enough to follow Him.

    God bless.

    • Hi Victor! I really can relate to the faith through ‘gritted teeth’. Sometimes it is so hard to let go and trust, and yet it’s the easiest way to peace. I have to do as much as I can, and then let God complete it.

      Your last sentence is a powerful one. Not to mention a Savior who rises from the dead. What more can he do to convince me? I have faith, but Lord, increase my faith!

      Blessings on your Monday my friend,

    • Hi Kathleen! Thank you for your kind words Kathleen. I so agree, I know there are things I need to do, and yet for some reason, I can fight myself against it like no one I know.

      I really relate to the Apostles. Sometimes I need a boost too!

  2. Faith and trust can be so hard to achieve. Probably easier in childhood (as it was with time and patience in your son’s case) than in adulthood. Perhaps by then we approach all things with more caution. Faith in a person, or God can be difficult for many without ‘proof’. I think that’s because we can fear giving up part of ourselves and handing control over to someone else. What if they let us down?

    I admire your complete faith Ceil as I am a waverer… But I think perhaps I too just need a little more encouragement – and what you write takes me closer to that ‘jump’, Andrina X

    • Hi Dear Andrina! I can write about this gap between faith and trust because I live it every darn day. No, I do not have complete faith. But I do have hope that I can dive deeper and deeper every day. I waver too! Don’t feel alone.

      I think you are so right about ‘letting go’ being a question of control. I think I can do it all, which is ridiculous of course. I was designed to give my all, and then rely on God. Like my son, I hope to finally jump into my Father’s arms with joy and trust.

      I’m glad you feel closer yourself. Maybe we’ll be jumping together?
      Blessings always,

    • Hi Pam! You are so right. He is the best lover and giver of love there is. If I can hang in there with my son, how much more he hangs in there with me. Such patience…

      Happy Monday!

    • Hi Linda! It sure is. I wish I was better at it, I think I’ll spend my whole life trying to live in a way that shows I trust the Lord. I am so glad for his patience!

      I hope your week isn’t too tough, with all those tests and papers!

  3. Great post, My Friend! As I was writing in my journal this AM, the theme seemed to be “Show me”, “Remind me,” “Help me”—yea of little faith began to run through my mind. I then was reminded—He created us—and He desires to reassure us–over and over. Such a great God we serve. Love this picture you gave us in your post.

    • Hi Lulu! We really do have a God who delights in surprising, loving and encouraging his people. I think crying out to him means that there is an understanding of our lack of power to get everything done, and that’s the absolute truth. We can only do so much, then we have to rely on him.

      I know we will receive the desires of our hearts. All we have to do is ‘jump’!
      Monday blessings,

  4. Yes, Ceil, just that little bit of extra assurance can make all the difference. And I think the fact that Jesus showed understanding in the face of the disciples’ doubts means that He expects and can handle any doubts we may harbor from time to time. Ultimately, though, it is all about trusting and taking that plunge into the arms of the Savior.
    Blessings, my friend!

    • Hi Martha! Those wonderful Apostles always inspire me. They needed extra assurance, and the Lord knows I often do too. And it’s given so softly and quickly too, yet often I am my son at the edge of the pool, scared to death.

      Like you said, it’s all about the trust. I know he’ll catch me, I just have to inform my feet!
      Monday blessings,

  5. Hello Ceil, God knows how frail we are. We can get easily discouraged and forget all the faithfulness he has showed us in time pass. I am so grateful for grace an help in time of our weakness…

    Like the Israelites in the wilderness, I too wonder how many more miracles they needed to believe Jehovah loved and cared for them?

    It is no surprise we are a lot like them whenever we complain and forget all the previous benefits God has given us and not trust him enough for our present circumstances!
    With much love, friend.
    God Bless

    • Hi Ifeoma! The example of the Israelites in the desert is a great one for whining, and feeling abandoned. And there was God, helping them time and again. It’s pretty humbling isn’t it?

      I’m very glad that God knows who I am, and how I am. Well, he made me after all. When I cry out, I know he’ll be there. He’ll help me jump where I need to go!

      Monday blessings,

    • Hi Cecelia! Thank you for your thoughts here, it’s good to know that I’m not alone in this. We are God’s children, and children often need more proof of safety to allow that jump to where we’re led.

      Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. A little extra encouragement for sure does the trick. All too often I feel like your son did that day facing the scary water. I am thankful for all the patience the Lord has had with me. I only wish sometimes that my faith was stronger than my fear. sigh. Jesus certainly has proven that He will catch me time and again!

    • Hi Mary! It is discouraging at times to know that Jesus has done more than enough to earn my trust. But, like the child I am, I sometimes need a little extra. What proof of love comes! He surrounds my heart with encouragement and grace, and I am ready to jump.

      He will catch us, I know it. It’s just that I might need a little extra help remembering that sometimes.

  7. Yes, just a little more. I am so grateful He always gives us a little more time to take that leap of faith of any kind. this is such a good example Ceil of trusting the Lord, written well too.

    • Hi Betty! Thank you for your kind words about the post and the writing. I really appreciate your kindness.

      God knows what we need, and fortunately doesn’t hold back the encouragement I need! Phew… I really want to jump, it’s just sometimes I really do need a little more, another hug before I go!

      Monday blessings,

  8. I love this story of trust, Ceil. Sometimes I feel like I’m such a slow-learner. A situation and anxiety arises, and I’m not daring to jump into Jesus’ arms again. It seems I need His reminders of His faithful care day after day. He is so patient with me, just as you were with your son, gently encouraging to trust you’ve got him and his good at heart. Thank you for this reminder. Blessings and hugs to you!

    • Hi Trudy! I think we are twins, because your story sounds a lot like mine. Our human nature is such a pull to rely on ourselves and our feelings, when they may not be telling us the truth at all.

      Blessings and hugs right back to you!
      Happy Monday,

  9. Isn’t it amazing how many of life’s deepest lessons revolve around water?

    And that how many of us are sure that we’re related in some way to Doubting Thomas?

    Love spending just a bit of my Monday afternoon with you, friend. I hope this weekend treated you well …

    • Hi Linda! Thank you for spending a little of your Monday here! The weekend was busy and fun. Two of my sisters came in for a visit, so we hosted a dinner, and went out for another.

      Family and food= fun and togetherness. It was great!

      Hope you had a good Monday,

  10. Hi Ceil, You’ve shared a great word picture on trust. Trust can be a “tricky” thing–hard to gain and easy to lose. We (or at least I) have trouble trusting others. Likewise, many of us struggle to trust God, even though He is more trustworthy than any human being we know. When we trust God, I’m thinking great things will happen! I’m still working on learning to trust God.


    • Hi Kim! Trust is tricky, and I didn’t talk about trusting each other. You are so right about ‘hard to gain and easy to lose’. It seems that in all areas of trust, we humans have our issues.

      God is always there. He always speaks, loves, covers and elevates us to himself. He is worthy of our trust, yet he is the first to come and support us when we falter. He is the greatest of Fathers.

      Monday blessings,

  11. Good analogy. Have actually been thinking about this idea lately. Some find it easier to trust, others are more challenged – I want to be the one who trusts more easily. Getting there, and thankful He’s gracious and patient with me, a giant work in progress! 🙂

    • Hi Karen! Join the club my friend. I am also a ‘giant work in progress’. I think it will take my whole life to really, truly place all of myself in his hands. I’ll get better and better as time goes on, because he wants that so much.

      God bless us both on our ways,

  12. I LOVE the ending Ceil! He learned and excelled. I have this sneaking suspicion this mom to whom he wouldn’t jump was encouraging him all the way and then supported his later efforts. 🙂

    • Hi Bill! I certainly didn’t give up on him, and he finally was able to do it. Isn’t it fun when we see our children finally makes those leaps? I can’t help but think that God is joyful too.

      Thank you for your kind words today my friend,

  13. Ah, my friend, you certainly have this one right! I am so grateful for His patient pursuit and unending patience in behalf of nudging us into the deep to discover He is trustworthy. Blessings on your week!

    • Hi Pam! I think the Lord challenges us many times to jump, so we’ll come to understand how wide and powerful his love is. It can be frightening, but I know when I decide to go for it, I am so happy to discover the depths of his love again.

      Blessings on you too my friend, and your family,

    • Hi Lynn! Amen my friend. How can we become true spiritual champions unless we believe God’s promise, and follow where he leads? I like that image of ‘champion’. I am wishing you many of those champion moments in your life today 🙂


  14. That was a beautifully written article! What a great comparison. I remember doing that with my son and feeling frustrated too, “why won’t you just jump?! I’m right here!” But I hadn’t made that connection to God and I! Silly me 🙂 thank you for the motivation to jump this week!

    • Hi Leah! Thank you for your kind words about the post, I really appreciate the encouragement!

      I’m right there too, believe me. God wants me to move to something that looks really scary, and I just don’t want to go there. Why won’t I jump? Well, I just have to look to my son (and to myself too), and see that reaction right here with earthly things.

      I’m glad you were motivated! May it motivate me too!

  15. What a great story and lesson! As qe mature in our faith we finally ‘get it’..Christ is for us and in Christ we put our trust! I live the story of your son becoming a swim champ!! After all those disappoin ting times on the edge of the pool! Beautiful!!

    • Hi Kathy! I think it gives me a lot of hope. I know there have been times when I’m called to face something I just don’t want to, or think I’m unable to do. So I say ‘no’. But, that call is never far away, and stays with me…asking me to jump!

      I hope I have more jump moments and less ‘no’ ones!
      Thank you for your words to day my friend,

  16. Aw!! Are those pictures the real thing? PRECIOUS!!

    How you described your story with your sweetie pie and how hard you worked to ensure his comfort and trust- and the Disciples need for that *extra* encouragement from Christ- just brought tears to my eyes, Ceil. And that LAST picture? I literally let out an audible sigh… with this huge grin on my face. SO uplifting. All of this.

    Thank you for this encouragement, my friend. I’m so glad Jesus is forever patient with us hesitant, apprehensive, stubborn children. 🙂

    • Hi Chris! Well, they’re the real thing for somebody! Lol! These are wonderful stock photos that I found.

      I love that last photo too, the little guy looks like he’s flying. Like a Superman pose, right? And I’m so glad that you found this post an encouragement. I did too! Isn’t it true that we write what we need sometimes?

      May we always be as patient as our Lord is with us!

  17. So your son made quite the turnaround! 🙂 Beautiful story, Ceil. I know this is true for me: “A little extra. Sometimes, that’s what we need…to finally come to trust.”

    • Hi Lisa! He really did take to swimming. And he made sure his kids got into swimming lessons, even at a very young age. When you’re young, you accept the jump a little better I think!

      We all need a little extra. I suppose some more than others, but the grace is that it’s always there. Jesus knows us through and through!

      Have a peaceful evening,

  18. HI Cheryl! I love the biblical reference you have here, and how God takes us step by step. It really made me smile, and I see how God does that in my own life. I want things to happen so fast sometimes, but is that the best for me?

    The Lord is patient, and can I be that too? God knows when I will come closer, and he waits with joy as I walk toward him. Hopefully, I can jump when he asks!

    I appreciate you too Cheryl. I’m so glad we are connected through our blogs 🙂

  19. wow good reminder just how long it takes us to really truly trust. Just let go and fly but that’s a lot easier said than done! great photos to match this lesson, too!

    • Hi Jean! I wish it was that easy! But as my son showed me, sometimes it takes a little more patience, coaxing, and maybe a little more fortitude for him to make that leap.

      I think it’s great that in the end he did jump. What joy that was!
      I’m loving the photos too, thanks. Especially that last one 🙂

  20. This is a great story of trust. My older son would not jump to me in the water either. Unlike your son, he never really learned to love the water but went through the obligatory swim lessons.

    Jesus is so patient with his apostles and with us as well. He is willing to show us one more time and pick us up one more time when we fall. He will show us the way because He loves us so much. Thank you for the lesson in trust. It helps me to hear it over and over.

    • Hi Mary! Love can do so much, and it shows in the way God pays attention to us in our weakness. Lack of faith is nothing to him, if we really want to increase it. What a great God we serve!

      I always need to hear this to my friend. I know I’m one of the weakest people on the planet. God knows I need his quiet voice in my life. Jumping doesn’t come very naturally to me.

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  21. I think of this Gospel when I go to beat myself up for doubting or wanting to walk away. It comforts me to know that if the Apostles needed extra signs to believe, I’m in good company 😉 The pictures you put up with this post are PERFECT!

    • Hi Patty! I’m with you, I am always comforted by the Apostles. They all had such a love for Jesus, but that didn’t mean they ‘got it’ all the time. Just like me!

      I was really happy with the images too. Especially the last one!

      I hope all is well in your part of the US? Hope the storms didn’t cause you too much havoc.

  22. Thanks for this encouragement, Ceil. It hits me right where I’m at. The tests have been tougher this year than ever before, the water deeper and the jumps of faith wider. We’ll get there, I know it. I appreciate you’re positive words.

    • Hi Jen! It does seem that once you’ve made one jump, another bigger one looms in the distance. I guess if we can have faith in the small, we should be able to apply it to the larger things. Even if the worry is larger too!

      I hope your leaps are safe and rewarding ones. I know you’ll get there because of your faith and your humor. Those are two huge gifts, and you use them so well.
      Grace and blessings to you always,

  23. Great post, Ceil! I love that God understands when we need a bit of extra encouragement to trust- that he doesn’t give up on us but that he wants to do what it will take for us to trust him. He let Thomas see for himself so that he could believe, and I also think of the story of Gideon and how God gave him the encouragement he needed in order to trust. I’m glad because even though I have seen in the past that God can be trusted there are definitely times when it’s hard and I need that extra reassurance.

    • Hi Carly! I can honestly say that God has never abandoned me, even when at the time, I thought he did. Even in the face of that, I need extra support sometimes. Trust is a hard thing to do for us humans. Someone said it’s hard won, and then easily lost, and I really think that’s truth.

      It’s comforting to know how patient and loving our God is, in the face of my questions and lack of faith. I so appreciate his boost of grace or gift of joy. It means everything to me, and makes it so much easier to trust him.
      Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  24. What a lovely story and lesson. I can understand those feelings of standing on the precipice of faith – wanting to believe, and yet, so full of fear and doubt. Truly, sometimes faith is a leap. Ceil, one of the things that struck me the most, though, was what happened to your fearful jumper. He ended up on the winning water polo team?! Your patience, your encouragement, and his trust in you became a winning combo. It’s no different between us and God, right?!

    Here’s to jumping…even when we’re scared.


    • Hi Sharon! That’s sometimes the story of my life. I want to jump, but I just can’t seem to get my feet to leave the ground.

      I should look to my son’s experience as an illustration of what can happen if I do leap! Something new and wonderful can happen.

      Thank you for your lovely comment my friend. Let’s jump together 🙂

    • Hi Lux! You have put into a short sentence the heart of this post. I agree! Just as I wanted my son to trust me, the Lord wants me to be with him. May I grow closer to that day by day.

      Happy Sunday 🙂

    • Hi Anne! Then I will pray that we both are given the grace of trust today, and a little more everyday. You are not the only one who needs that grace!

      Have a peaceful afternoon,

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