Piecing It Together

“Life is a Bowl of Cherries”

O.K., who said that, and what the heck does that mean anyway?

Spoiler alert: I’m a little cranky today. Here’s a little background to my mood: I’ve been dealing with sinus pressure, ear pain and constant ringing in my ears for about a month. Two courses of antibiotics and nasal spray got the ear pain under control, but I’m still left with occasional ear pressure (it moves from side to side), and the crickets are still chirping in my head. All the time. 24/7.

Did I say all the time?

Finally at a specialist, I got a hearing test, and was able to share all my symptoms.

Turns out my ears look great, my sinuses passed the exam with flying colors. The very nice doctor told me I have an ear-tube defect which should probably resolve in a month or so. The ear ringing is most likely unrelated, and probably permanent. It’s called ‘tinnitus’, and there is no treatment for it.

So. That didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

All the way home from the doctor’s office, I talked to God about how cruddy this whole deal is, but if this is what I have to deal with, I’ll do my best. Could always be worse. Stiff upper lip and all that. Until I got home.

My husband came to meet me a the door and asked “How did it go?” Innocent question, and one you’d expect. My response was one I didn’t expect. I sort of fell apart and ended up weeping on his shoulder.

I know my life is a gift. Everything is given to me by God, or allowed by Him. But here’s what else I know. Life events don’t always come all pretty and sparkling and whole. For the most part, life comes to us in pieces, like a puzzle.

I can usually figure them out. Especially the easy ones, like the 25 piece beginner sets that are mostly corners and outside edges. But then there are those 500 and 1000 piece nightmares that take forever just to flip over all the shapes to reveal a little section of color. Finding a corner to anchor myself seems like an impossible task, much less getting into the whole middle section. I feel like this chapter in my life is one big and confusing mess. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out…

I’m working to get past the “1000 piece” confusion stage. I’m doing swallowing exercises to speed up the popping of my eardrums, hopefully relieving the pressure. The chances of the tinnitus going away are slim, but hey…a girl can dream.

I can honestly say that talking to the Lord and laying the whole mess at His feet has really helped. Yep. I took this whole ‘ear-puzzle box’ and dumped it out in front of Him.

I know I can’t do it on my own. But with Him?

Working together, a beautiful scene will emerge. It might not be the one I would have chosen. But it will be ours.

And right now…that’s enough.

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81 thoughts on “Piecing It Together

    • Hi Freda! I did have a lovely Easter, thank you! I hope yours was wonderful too.

      I think your description of the ‘nagging ear ringing’ is just perfect. That’s what it’s like for sure. I’m going to hope it’s not permanent…

      Easter blessings,

    • Hi Dina! I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!

      Thank you for your prayers, I really appreciate them. You’re right about how age brings such ‘fun’ things to deal with. Ugh!

      Easter blessings!

  1. I’m sorry. My husband has tinnitus too and it sounds terrible. You put it where it needs to be, and I’ll pray for you as well.
    PS – It was Erma Bombeck who said that. 🙂

    • Hi Mari! I feel so bad your husband. It’s just a nagging, ‘always’ thing now. So weird. I am hoping and praying that it’s a temporary thing. Thank you so much for your prayers.

      Gotta love Erma Bombeck. She has some very wise sayings.

      Easter blessings!

  2. I love this Ceil. ‘Working together, a beautiful scene will emerge.’ I’m still learning that His ways are better than mine. I’m sorry to hear about the tinnitus and the ear-tube defect. Yet your words still reflect that He is our healer and comforter, and you are trusting the picture He is creating for you. May that continue to be enough for you, and maybe popping a few sweet cherries, savoring the moment too! If you like cherries that is!

    • Hi Lynn! I do trust that the Lord knows what’s best for me. I’m just hoping He doesn’t think this tinnitus should stick around. But…if He does, He’ll give me the grace to put up with it.

      I hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration 🙂

    • Hi Victor! I so appreciate your prayers my friend. My attitude is getting a little better day by day. I want to stay positive, and accept what God gives…

      Easter blessings,

  3. {{{Ceil}}} I am so sorry. I have permanent deafness in my right ear, heredity. I also get ringing and a constant annoyance (never mind, tmi)…I really do understand. Keeping you in prayer. Sending lots of hugs.

    • Hi Linda! Well, it’s not TMI for me. I appreciate your telling me about your similar circumstances. I am so sorry about your deafness, which can’t be very much fun at all. Especially in the classroom!

      I am grateful for your compassion, prayers and cyberhugs! I send you another hug right back 🙂

  4. One of your best posts yet–because it was filled with your struggles–which we all identify with. By God-incident, I just finished a book last night about a woman who mysteriously had tinnitus. It began after an accident and she had it for a LONG time, but it mysteriously went away one day–and she was back to normal. No more bees in her ears as she called her ringing. BUT what is normal after all—a moving target for sure! Praying for you, Friend. Put you on the list today and hope you will keep me updated.
    God Bless You and Comfort You Today!

    • Hi Lulu! Thank you for your encouraging comment! I am going to keep that woman in my mind as I travel these days with the ‘bees’. I really want it gone, but I guess that’s not the plan right now.

      I will keep you updated, no worries. I’m so grateful to be on your prayer list, thank you so much. I’ll do my part to get better!

      Easter blessings my friend!

  5. Ceil, please know I’ll be praying for you and for healing from the Lord. Turning to Him is the best thing you can do, that I do know and, obviously, so do you, my friend. Sending love and blessings!

    • Hi Martha! You are so right. And I know that, I really do. I just wish it would all ‘go away’ and certainly I am not the only one who looks at problems that way. It’s not in the cards right now, so I sit in hope. I do what I can do, and then it’s really up to God.

      Thank you for good wishes and love. It means a lot.

  6. Yeah…what does that mean? It makes me think of “Life is like a box of chocolates,” which totally makes sense. But cherries?

    I am sorry about your ear problems. Have you had a second opinion? I don’t know, as I read this I just felt like you should have one.

    • Hi Sandi! I have seen a specialist, thank you so much for your concern. I do wonder if seeing another specialist would be a good thing, but I guess I’ll try to be patient right now. It’s hard, not gonna lie.

      Cherries. Really??? Pass the chocolate please!

  7. Dear Ceil, There are times when we think nothing else can complicate life, only to have it happen. I’ve had tinnitist most of my life-on and off. I’m sorry about your ear issue, but glad it will clear up. Praying your week is better.
    Hugs, Noreen

    • Hi Noreen! Thank you so much for sharing about your own struggles with tinnitus. I’m glad it’s an ‘on and off’ thing for you. Gives me hope! I guess it’s not the worst thing that could ever happen, but it’s very annoying!

      Thank you for your prayers. I know it will help me so much. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  8. Hang in there. I suffer from health issues too and know its frustrating. Ask God what he wants to show you, if there is anything stopping you from getting healed, and if your relationship is right with Him, then REST in him the best you can and ask for strength.

    • Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for your good advice. It sounds like you know all about frustration with health! I will do my best with what I can do. The rest truly is in His hands. And that is the best place. The puzzle will be done soon enough.

      Easter blessings!

  9. I’m so sorry you have tinnitus, Ceil. That must be so frustrating. I just can’t imagine having a constant buzzing in my ears. I just looked it up at Mayo Clinic, and it sounds like it usually happens from an underlying health condition. There are medications that help reduce the severity of it, but sadly, they have side effects. I hope and pray that once the other condition rights itself, it will go away! God be with you and give you peace in whatever “beautiful scene” He desires! Hugs!

    • Hi Trudy! Aren’t you so sweet to look up tinnitus! Thank you for your care and concern 🙂

      I did have a long-term sinus infection which I’m sure hastened this whole situation. I am trying my best to do what I’m supposed to do, hoping that the ears will clear, the buzzing will stop. That’s really all I can do. The puzzle will be completed at some point, and I’ll have my answers.

      I just know how I hope it will it turn out!
      Easter blessings,

  10. Beautiful post! And so well said. I’ve got to say there are some puzzles that seem like Rubic’s cubes to me…not gonna figure it out, ever. Or that’s how I feel, maybe I will some day! I’m sorry about the ringing in your ear, but I admire how you keep praying about it! Don’t stop…something I always have to remind myself too! Glad you have a solution for the rest of your ear problems. Wishing you peace & healing!

    • Hi Gina! That Rubic Cube is another great example of a puzzle that is too overwhelming to figure out. Great thought!

      Thank you for your encouragement not to quit on prayer. I know I’ll always pray for total cure, knowing it’s really all in God’s hands. But I do pray for that peace and healing you wish for me.

      Easter blessings,

  11. Frankly, this whole aging thing is for the birds, isn’t it, Ceil? Teeth, back, ears, feet, whatever, our bodies are dying daily.

    I’m glad I can tell God where I’m coming from and how fast I can get discouraged with the direction my body seems to be heading.

    But, my soul? It is well with my soul.

    And if I had to choose one or the other, the soul wins out. Each and every time.

    • Hi Linda! I’m so happy that you are at peace with your body and soul. That’s a great gift, and to know you’re soul is at peace is a precious thing.

      I hope you had a great Easter celebration!

  12. Oh, dear, Ceil. So sorry to hear about this. I will pray for complete healing for you. Matt. 8:17 tells us that “Jesus bore our weaknesses and carried away our diseases.” I believe it’s still true, but most of the time we need others to help us believe it. So glad he gave us to one another as sisters. I sure do love you!


    • Hi Jeanette! Thank you so much for your faithful comment. You are so right, we need each other! And we need each other’s support and encouragement, and that’s what your words are to me. Thank you so much!

      Love right back to you my friend. How great that we are connected through our blogs 🙂

  13. I have dealt with tinnitus for as long as I can remember. It’s VERY annoying. Sometimes the *pitch* goes up a little higher, and I’m very aware of the ringing. And, living here in the higher altitude of the mountains, well, that’s made it worse. I’ve read about some natural supplements that are supposed to help, but I’ve not tried them. So, I live with it. Hopefully your situation will resolve. If not, the brain does have a way of tuning it out a bit.

    I do commiserate with your troubles, though. I have a molar that’s had a root canal and a crown, and it’s still bothering me. Pain, discomfort. I cannot for the life of me figure out how it was doing OK, and then overnight, it’s terrible. I have (yet) another appointment with the dentist to try to figure out what’s going on. I have a bad feeling that the tooth might not be able to be saved after all. If that’s the case, then I’ll have the most expensive tooth under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

    But, me and the Lord, well, we’re putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle called Life. And one day I’ll see the beautiful picture it is…

    (Now if I can only stop trying to jam pieces in where they don’t fit!!)


    • Hi Sharon! Right with you on the pitch thing. I threw out a glass bottle last night, and as it fell in the can, it hit another glass bottle. Wow! My ears went nuts. Sigh… Thank you for sharing your own struggles with this whole tinnitus thing. I’m glad that at least I’ll be able to tune it out better. Sometimes I don’t notice, sometimes it just drives me nuts.

      My turn to feel for you with the teeth thing. My mouth is a dental gold-mine. There’s just nothing worse than tooth pain. I hope your tooth can be saved, and that there’s an easy answer to your pain.
      I remember I had ‘tooth pain’ and it ended up being referred pain from packed sinuses. You never know. You’ll be in my prayers.
      Easter blessings!

  14. Hi Ceil, My heart goes out to you with the sinus and ear issues. No fun! The ringing/chirping in your ears is distracting–and yes, man says there’s nothing to do. The Great Physician has a different perspective though. Learning to lay every thing (surrendering all) at the Lord’s feet is important, even if it’s hard to do.

    I hope you had a blessed Easter!

    Blessings on your week!


    • Hi Kim! Thank you for your kind words and support for me. Yuck. This is not a fun time for me at all. But, whatever the Lord wants is what will happen. In the meantime, I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do and just have hope…

      We had a great Easter celebration thank you!

  15. I hear you, my friend! (No joke intended!) I went through a lot of this about 8 years ago to the discovery that allergies were the source of much of the since issue and ear issue. I also learned I have a little ring and a little less accurate hearing in certain ranges. Immunotherapy (Read: allergy shots.) has helped tremendously with the sinus issues and ear discomfort. I have had no sinus infections since then, but I continue with the shots because at my age (Don’t you just love it!), I will not get all the immunity properties as I would have if they had been given when I was younger. (I know now why I kept having sinus and ear issues all through childhood, teen, and early adult years. I kept thinking as I was reading about that verse that says “the little foxes spoil the vines”. Somehow these little aggravations seem to be little a nagging annoyance, but without the capacity to control or change it significantly it picks around the edges of our contentment and peace. It also serves a reminder of mortality and getting older (the less positive side). No, life is not a bowl of cherries!! I do feel your pain and frustration. Turning it over to the Lord is the only answer and in my case, I often need to do it repeatedly!!! Guess I am not a quick learner on stuff like that!!

    • Hi Pam! My ear issues started with sinus stuff, so I guess it can trigger the ear problems. Oy, what a pain. I guess it is a reminder of age, but I am mostly just aggravated that I don’t have quiet anymore, which I really prize. Maybe God is telling me that He can be found in a field of crickets too…

      Thank you for sharing your struggles, it helps me to see I’m not the only one.

      Easter blessings!

  16. I’m sorry to hear about the ear problems, Ceil. I’d probably be crying too. May God give you abundant grace, sister. I’m praying for healing and encouragement now. May His grace surround you.

    • Hi Betsy! Thank you so much for your powerful prayers. I need them! I can get so edgy because of the white noise in my brain. I truly wish it was gone! God can do anything, and so my trust is that He will allow me some peace.

      Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it.
      Easter blessings,

  17. Oh, dear Ceil! Bless your dear heart! My husband has the SAME thing. Oh, it has been a terrible trial for him, and he feels the same concerns about it being unending. What we keep trying to remind ourselves is that GOD is bigger than this, and He can still heal, and His power defies medical science. He is your creator, and all it takes is for Him to speak the word, and you will be healed. I can only imagine how tormenting this is…as I see how awful it is for my dear husband. I did see something online about something you can listen to that is supposedly a cure for it, but I have not had time to delve into it much. I wish I could help you in some way, but one thing I can do is pray. I will add you to my prayer list, dear friend, and I just trust Jesus to help you and heal you. My heart truly goes out to you. I apologize for taking so long to comment…I didn’t realize you had posted. My computer/email issues are getting worse, instead of better. I have been unable to get any blogger subscription emails since February, and now it is also blocking my wordpress subscriptions, too. I have added yours as “safe”, and I am hoping it will fix it, but nothing at all has fixed my blogger issues. Our ISP tech support has tried numerous times, and there just seems to be no fixing it. I want to stay in touch with you and know when you post, so will do my best to come by as often as I can just to check to see if you have posted, if this fix doesn’t work. God bless you, Ceil.

    • Hi Cheryl! I took Holy Week off of blogging, so don’t worry about missing any of my posts. I know how hard it can be when technology doesn’t want to comply with me, that’s why I left Blogger for WordPress!

      I really can relate to your husband’s issue of the ear ringing. Sometimes I forget it’s there, other times it drives me to distraction. Oh, I hope it goes away! But if it stays, I hope I’ll accept this cross with grace. I guess my bigger issue is the ear tube problem. May God grace me with His healing.

      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I know they are powerful.
      Easter blessings,

  18. If I told people I had the whole “ear ringing and crickets chirping inside my head” they would make snarky comments about emptiness, plenty of room for echo, etc. But I won’t say that to a dear lady fellow blogger whom I have come to respect and admire. But i will say I do hope God will answer your prayer. i will also say, “If you are not healed, I do pray you will continue to listen to the Spirit’s voice.”

    • Hi Bill! Thank you so much for holding back on the snark. People can be so ‘helpful’ sometimes, right?

      I think your prayer is a perfect one. I really want this all to go away. But…if God decides I deal with this, then may it never block the voice I need to hear the most. The voice of the Spirit!

      Easter blessings to you my friend.

    • Hi Karen! Thank you so much for your kind words. It is frustrating! But I know, like you said, the puzzle will be solved. Whatever the Lord wants, that’s what will be. I hope to be at peace with whatever He decides. In the meantime, I do pray for healing…

      Easter blessings,

  19. Aw, Ceil, that’s a bummer. I think the ringing in your ears would make it difficult to hear what you DO want to hear! Saying a pray for you, my friend, not just for healing but for grace in the meantime.

    • Hi Pam! Thank you for your kind thoughts. This really is aggravating, sometimes more than others. I really appreciate your prayers, especially for grace in the waiting time. If this is permanent, I’ll have to adjust. For now, I live in hope.

      I so appreciate your thoughts and prayers,

  20. Gosh, sinus, ear trouble can be so frustrating. I pray that God does bring you ways of relief! I love your blog today, it speaks so truthfully of life! One big messy puzzle, best to give it all over to God! My blog theme this week after alot of trying to put my life puzzle pieces together which is impossible! Blessing from Christian Women Bloggers Unite today!

    • Hi Kathy! I appreciate your thoughts here, let me tell you, I NEVER expected something like this to happen. I truly hope that it’s a temporary thing…but it if it’s permanent…well, that will be a cross to bear, that’s for sure.

      Messy puzzle, that’s the truth. Thank you for visiting from the group!

  21. Bless your heart! I can just imagine how disappointing it was to not get the news you were hoping for from the specialist, and so thankful that your husband was there to just hold you, sometimes that is just what we need! I wish I could offer you some advice or hope, but as you and others have already said, this puzzle belongs to the Lord, and He has the perfect place for each puzzle piece, and although it seems quite puzzling to me and everyone else, we can rest assured He does have a plan. I will spend some time in prayer for you, believing for a healing, and for that missing “puzzle piece” to be put into place! I can’t imagine dealing with such an issue that doesn’t have much human help out there… one thing I might suggest is visiting a chiropractor. Sometimes it could be a neck or joint issue that has something “off” in your body that could be a problem as well. Much love to you dear Ceil, and will continue believing in prayer for your quick healing!

    • Hi MM! I know it’s such an unknown, and that there is no real remedy. I read that Michelangelo complained of ‘chirping’ in his ears…must be all that chipping away on plaster?

      What I really prize are your prayers. Let’s storm heaven! I am hoping for a complete cure. With God, anything is possible. If He can part the seas, then this is a piece of cake! I know He has the perfect places for my puzzle. I’m just hoping that includes returning to normal hearing.

      I appreciate your thoughts on a chiropractor. I never thought of that.
      Easter blessings to you my friend,

  22. Oh Ceil I am so sorry about your ringing in the ears. I have it too – it is worse at night and as I write this is deafening – so I am fully empathetic with you. At least it gives us a great excuse not to hear our hubbies, right? LOL. Anyway you turned this into a thoughtful inspiring lessons for all of us. Thank you for sharing and keep hearing God through those crickets. LOL

    • Hi Jean! You’re kidding me!!! You have it too? Oh man, I am SO sorry for that. I know what you are going through. How long has it been going on? Did you ever have any relief?

      I wonder if this really is a forever thing for me. I hope not, but if it is, I hope I can carry this cross with the grace that you do. God bless us both!

      Thank you for sharing your story with me. It really does help!

  23. Ceil, I have a friend who has that and sometimes it causes her to just stay home from things because of it. I will certainly pray for you, for grace to handle whatever comes. I have been a big baby at times concerning my knee issue, just wish it would go away, tired of daily having to put a band on it, wear a support thing..now my other leg is hurting due to my limping from my knee and I could go on and on and on and on. We both know these light afflictions the word talks about seem all too heavy when we are in the middle of it. What would we do sis without the Lord, He gets us through another day and another one and another just wanting us to praise Him no matter our issue. Will pray.

    • Hi Betty! Thank you for your precious prayers, and for your empathy. It’s hard to carry these loads, and I know this is a new one for me. You have many things you could complain and be sad about, but it doesn’t stop you. That is a great encouragement to me my friend.

      What would we do without God? I think I might become bitter and angry about any assault on my health. I know now that at the end of the day, I’m tired of trying to ignore the buzzing. It makes me sad and upset. Well, if it’s what God has designed for me, that’s what I’ll have. He’ll help me carry this cross, as He helps you.

      In the meantime, I live in hope that it may go completely away.
      Easter blessings,

  24. Hello there! Well fooey! That sounds like no fun. Its just one more drop in the bucket of frustration that can do a person in, isn’t it? (My grandma always use to say that) Drawing closer to God in times like this is so important. Praying for you and praying that all your ear issues will clear up quickly!

    I used to have patience to do those hard puzzles…but now…not so much! 😉
    Enjoy your week, Ceil!
    Hugs, Amy

    • Hi Amy! ‘Well fooey’ is right! I am so sad about this. It all came so fast, and it just doesn’t want to leave. Ugh. I am very hopeful that the noises will go when my tube defect stuff clears. I am so grateful for your prayers, please do remember me. I love your grandmother’s saying. It’s those little things! So true!!

      It figures that I was never very good at puzzles. Easy ones, yes. But those huge ones with all the pieces? I always need help.

      Easter blessings!

  25. Happy Easter, Ceil!! Hope you had a wonderful visit with your grandchildren 🙂

    Tinitus. I have heard of that, and what a pain it seems to be. But! Your outlook is fabulous, and He will help you through it. Perhaps it’s frustrating after everything you’ve dealt with concerning your ankle?? At any rate, lovely message, once again!

    • Hi Patty! We did have a great week-long visit with my daughter and her children. So fun! I forget every time how energetic kids are, especially at that age.

      Yes, this ear thing is really a pain. I am trying to give it over, knowing there’s only so much I can do. I was just thinking the other day how far I’ve come since breaking my leg. This time last year, I was still in physical therapy and using a cane! God is good. He saw me through all of that, and He will do it again.

      Easter blessings!

  26. I’m sorry to read about the sinus pressure and ear problems. I get sinus headaches and seems nothing relieves them. Saying a prayer for a quick healing and I admire your surrender. Atta girl, Ceil.

    • Hi Mary! I’m so sorry about your sinus headaches! Especially because they’re so tough to manage.

      Thank you for your encouragement Mary, I really appreciate it. It’s a long road, but I hope it will all turn out well. I will do what I can, and God will do the rest.

      Easter blessings!

  27. I am so sorry, Ceil, to hear about the constant ringing in your ears. Praying for God to bring healing. But praising Him too for that husband of yours who provided that immediate shoulder to lean into when you returned home, and of course also that He is our ultimate source of comfort when we struggle to understand why this. Much love to you. xoxo

    • Hi Beth! Thank you for seeing how supportive my husband was to me. I was so blessed to have him right there when I got home. I thought I had it ‘all together’, but…not so much.

      Thank you for your prayers too, I really cherish them. I have great hopes that this is not a permanent thing.

      Love right back to you on this cloudy day!

  28. I’m so sorry to hear about this, my friend. What a difficult situation. It’s amazing at how ear issues can drive so many problems. I’ve been dizzy for 2 weeks now. I finally went to the doctor yesterday to find out fluid in my ear has been causing it. Praying for you, Ceil. Health issues can be far too overwhelming, but as you so beautifully explained, it’s all part of the puzzle and someday “a beautiful scene will emerge.”

    • Hi Candace! I’m glad you found the source of your dizziness. That must have been an awful feeling. I’m glad it’s something that will resolve.

      So much of life is a puzzle I think. God is right there, holding the whole picture, but I just can’t see it. I am hoping that His last piece will be for my healing. If not, then acceptance of what has to be.

      Happy Wednesday!

  29. Oh, I’m so sorry about that annoying ear-ringing, Ceil. Boo. 🙁 I don’t like all the negative things that hit us as we age. Especially when we’re told they’re here to stay. But doctors can be wrong! I’ll be praying that your ringing goes away.

    But until then, I’ll pray for your patience with it and thus with life around it. It’s not easy to accept things like that. Blessings to you, friend!

    • Hi Lisa! Well, I think you encapsulated all my thoughts on the subject. I am really hopeful that this constant noise will be a thing of the past. I just have to be patient.

      But as you said, if it is here to stay, I pray for peace.
      Blessings right back!

  30. Oh Ceil, I feel your frustration. My mother-in-law suffered with tinnitus, and to handle it better, she played some very soft background music as she went about her day. It helped to mask the ringing. Music is good for the soul and may help you focus on those puzzle pieces. Do yourself a favor and go back to the simple 25 piece one for now. You’ll have a little giggle upon completion. Go inward and draw on the light of the Holy Spirit that is within you. All will be well. Aloha!

    • Hi Vicki! It’s true, background music is very helpful in ‘drowning out’ the buzzing.

      Love your comforting thoughts. It probably is a great idea to go easy on myself, and just be hopeful. And yes! Draw on the light of the Holy Spirit. Just thinking about that makes me feel better.

      Aloha 🙂

  31. Sorry to hear about your ear problems, Ceil. I can understand you being upset- it’s good that we can be honest with God (and with our loved ones) when we’re struggling and don’t like what’s happening. I like your jigsaw puzzle analogy. It is encouraging to know that God can make something beautiful from the broken and confusing pieces of our lives, even if it takes a while to emerge. Praying for you!

    • Hi Carly! Thank you for your understanding and encouragement. I know I’ll come to peace with whatever happens, it’s just so irritating in the middle. Sigh…

      The final picture will be one of beauty. As I said in the post, I may not see it that way at first, but it will be what God wants. Thank you for your prayers. I truly need them! Right now, I live in hope that this is a temporary thing.

      Easter blessings!

    • Hi Cecelia! You know, so many people seem to have this problem! I had no idea it was so prevalent. I am so sorry for the irritating noises in your head! As you can imagine, I can commiserate with you too.

      This started with sinus troubles. I’m hoping once my ear ‘pops’ it will all go away. No resolution yet. I am truly learning patience, that’s for sure.

      Thank you for your letting me know I’m not alone.
      Easter blessings,

      • Sinus trouble–I’ve had sinus problems since I was in grade school. Back then, it was mostly ears that bothered me. I never put it together that the ear problems could be related to the sinus issues.

  32. Ceil,

    I’m so sorry for your tinnitus (spelling?)! May it heal quickly, may it heal indeed.

    Thanks for your honesty here about the hard day and season. We all get them and it’s nice to commiserate sometimes.

    Jennifer Dougan

    • Hi Jennifer! It is nice to commiserate. Hearing (no pun intended!) from other people that they have been dealing with the same thing is really comforting. It seems like it wouldn’t, but it does.

      And offers of prayer! That’s the best. So thank you for your kind words today. I agree. May it heal indeed.

      Easter blessings,

  33. Thanks for sharing. Your post encouraged me as I face my own 1000 piece puzzle. God is good and in His time the picture will be revealed and my puzzle complete.
    Take care.

    • Hi TC! I think you have just the right idea. I know that parts of our lives just look like crazy messes. But to God, it’s all a part of the plan. I hope your puzzle is solved soon, and that you’ll have peace as you work on it with the Lord.

      Have a great weekend!

  34. I am so sorry to hear this.
    But you are brave to write about it here. I am happy seeing the support from this community.
    Praying for a divine healing for you Ceil.
    Tight Hugs and God Bless

    • Hi Ifeoma! I am so glad for the support of this community too. I was really working through my feelings on this health challenge, and all the prayers and thoughts expressed here really helped shape my prayerful response.

      Thank you for your added prayers and thoughts. You have no idea how much I appreciate them.
      God bless,

  35. Ceil, I somehow missed this one. I was probably in Florida. I am SO glad I saw it now though- just reading your plight makes my heart ache for you. I am so so sorry you have to deal with that ringing and with no real solution to fix it! UGH. That’s horrible.

    I absolutely love how you shared this and honestly felt comforted by knowing you too, struggle with those puzzles that seem to not fit or feel so good at all- I think because to know others walk hard roads, makes it seem less- lonely. One of the greatest things we can do is simply encourage each other while we are looking at those 500-1000 pieces scrambled on the table. Hold hands and walk through figuring it out together, and bearing each other’s burdens in prayer and in hope.

    I reach out my hand to you, sister. Feel it? I will be praying for you and for God to reveal answers and rise up His strength within you to endure this irritation while you wait for relief. I remember Lysa Terkeurst writing about this happening to her. It’s AWFUL. I hate it when my ears are plugged from flying, and can only imagine how annoying it would be to hear ringing constantly.

    I love you when you’re cranky, just so ya know. 🙂

    • Hi Chris! Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind and supportive words. It really does stink! And it appears that it’s not going away, which I am bummed about.

      Thank you for telling me about Lysa. I have to say that when I mention the buzzing, so many people have volunteered that they are going through the same thing. It really does help.

      Yes, I feel your friendship, and I’m honored to have your prayers. Please don’t stop! If this is the way life will go for me now, I need prayers for persistence and acceptance. I know I’ll get there with people like you to help.

      Bless you always,

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