Holy Week


This is the week. The holy time when we remember Christ’s incredible sacrifice to redeem, to save, to bring us back to life.

I will be taking this Holy Week off from blogging. I hope to spend more time in prayer and preparation in remembrance of the Passion, and in anticipating the joyous celebration of the Resurrection at Easter.

May God gift you and yours with His unending grace to bless you with love, joy and a peace this Holy Week, and beyond.

I will keep you in my prayers this week, as we travel together the last days of the Lenten Season.

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27 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. Amen! Praying as we make our way to the cross that we completely surrender ourselves to Jesus and let Him be our Lord and Savior in all. Please pray as I leave at the end of the week to Nicaragua on my mission trip. Easter blessings friend!

  2. God bless you, sweet Ceil, and draw you ever closer to His heart this week as you set aside activities for the sake of more time with Him. We will miss you, and will be looking forward to your next post. Happy Easter!!!

  3. Hi Ceil, I wish you and your family a blessed Holy Week. May we all reflect on all that happened and the great joy that is to come on Resurrection Sunday. Happy Easter!


  4. Blessed Easter ….Happy Resurrection Day! So thankful for Jesus and His sacrificial gift of life given for us. Thank you for your reminders of the wonderful gift of eternal life this Holy Week.

  5. Ceil, have a most wonderful week, and I will celebrate Easter knowing that you, along with so many brothers and sisters in Christ, will be celebrating the tremendous gift of LIFE that Jesus bought for us on a cross, and sealed by an empty tomb!


  6. Thanks, Ceil! I hope your week has been blessed. The posts the Lord led me to write have taken me on a significant personal journey this week. Blessings and love to you, my friend!

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