Taming the Monkey Mind

Do you remember the first time you left your baby with a sitter? You couldn’t wait for alone time with your spouse. Adult conversation. Maybe a movie…

You gave all your instructions to an impossibly young teenager and then wonder. “What am I thinking? Will this gum-chewing child remember everything? I’d better write it all down.” So of course, you do.

Finally out of the house, you realize you forgot your phone. Running inside to get it, you apologize to the sitter for scaring her, and remind her of the potato chips in the pantry.

At the movies, you settle into a cushy chair with a huge bucket of popcorn. Your husband begins to chatter about work and all you can think of is the baby. Oh, and did you lock the car? Your mind is just all over the place. You want to cry, it’s so frustrating. All you wanted was one lousy night out with your spouse. Why is it so hard to calm down?

Welcome to Monkey Mind.

Buddhists describe the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, jumping from tree to tree, branch to branch, chattering endlessly. We all have a share in that confusing, loud and distracting flight of ideas. We can usually tame it, but in times of stress, worry or just feeling tired, it’s harder to do.

I’ve also found it hard to tame those monkeys when I settle in to meditate.

When I sit in the quiet, I should duck down behind a strong wall, because as they used to say on the TV show M*A*S*H; “INCOMING!!!” Laundry lists of all I have to do today. All my fears (real and imagined) come swinging by for a visit, creating ‘what if’ catastrophes for my future. To avoid the made-up messes of my future, I start judging my present.

Oy. What a chaotic jumble of thoughts.

But all is not lost. After all, we’re talking about monkeys, not Pulitzer Prize winners. Why am I handing over my own God-given power in grace to rely on thoughts that only end up making me angry, unhappy, restless and anxious? Being tired or worried makes it harder of course, but still, it’s not an impossible situation.

Monkey Mind isn’t fatal. It’s more like a fact of life, like my allergies. I don’t enjoy them either, but they don’t keep me from living fully in the right here and now.

The key to restoring calm is recognizing that these run-away thoughts aren’t rational, or based on any real emergency. The monkeys get their power from my attention. If I keep entering into their conversation and agreeing with them, I continue to give them control.

I wish I could go back in time and tell my young-mom self that everything is okay. My son will be fine. And of course, he was. But maybe it’s enough to start right now, by telling my young-Nana self that it’s Eviction Day for the monkeys.

I can always visit them at the zoo.


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84 thoughts on “Taming the Monkey Mind

  1. {{{giggling}}}–oh boy…how I can so relate to this….monkey mind…I will have to remember this, Ceil. Thanks for the fits of giggles and the truth…smiles

    Have a beautiful week friend.

    • Hi Linda! I’m sort of glad you can relate, but that Monkey Mind is real bother, isn’t it? It is a little funny though. The Buddhists have a wonderful way with words!

      Have a peaceful night,

  2. I believe you hit the nail on the head—calming the monkey mind comes with maturity and practice. I practice praying when my thoughts being running away with me–works every time. Great post, My Friend!

    • Hi Lulu! Sounds like you are a pro at getting those monkeys calmed. It takes a while, well, at least for me, to get them back in the cage. I hope to get where you are at some point!

      Thank you for your kind words about the post. It was fun to write because I know the feeling so well!
      Evening blessings,

  3. I am definitely familiar with the monkey mind! I have a whole zoo full in my head. πŸ™‚ But yes, I’m learning too that I don’t have to listen to or believe that chatter; just let it go. I’ve learned a lot from the Buddhist teachings about that as well. Thanks for reminding me to redirect my attention elsewhere when the chatter gets too loud! God’s grace…I need it and want it to always overpower all other voices. Thanks, Ceil!

    • Hi Lisa! Welcome back! I hope you had a great time on vacation πŸ™‚

      I know you work on silent prayer too, and I’m sure you are more at peace than I am. It’s hard to get my mind to calm down. When I read that you had a ‘whole zoo’ in your head, I had to smile. That is what it feels like, doesn’t it?

      Those Buddhist’s have a real way with words!
      Evening blessings,

  4. wow. I am going to remember to tell those Monkey’s to beat it when they show up! Seriously, this is such an apt description. Thank you, Ceil, for once again articulating so clearly what goes on inside my mind. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Anne! No kidding. I need to keep telling them to get lost too. Somehow they keep sneaking in though! I think the Buddhists have this so right. In the quiet, my mind goes on a real tear. Don’t feel like the only one πŸ™‚

      Evening blessings,

  5. The chattering monkeys with their “incoming” thoughts that confuse us, worry us and even sometimes try to lead us astray can be really dangerous. I was reading a book the other day that suggested that the devil knows our weaknesses and he waits for a time when we are perhaps tired, or not focussed, to play with those weaknesses. Whether our weakness is undue worry, fear for ourselves or our loved ones, fear of the future, our health as we grow older or whatever … the devil is always there to remind us of those fears and worries and magnify them in our mind to shake us out of our Faith.

    If he had the audacity to tempt Christ more than once, we should not be a great match for him. The answer is, as soon as we get these fearful thoughts, whatever they are, to turn to God in prayer, and seek Christ’s help.

    Praying for you and yours.

    God bless.

    • Hi Victor! I heard much the same thing about how the devil was so forward as to take on Jesus. So why not us? As you say, we are certainly an easier target.

      I think it’s true that I am more of an easy mark when I’m tired or upset. Your thoughts about turning right to the Lord in those times is just right. How often I go down the drain with those thoughts… I need to remember your good word here.

      Thank you always for your prayers. I’ll be praying for you and yours too.

    • Hi Jean! Isn’t this a wonderful phrase? It really hits home with me.

      Don’t feel alone in those monkey thoughts, let me tell you, I am Queen of the Jungle! Its good to know we can overcome though, I just have to get after those little creatures as soon as I realize they’re around.

      Thank you for commenting Jean! It’s always fun to see you here πŸ™‚

  6. I suffer from monkey mind too. In a recent Sunday school class on prayer we tried journaling prayer. We had a pad of paper and pen in front of us and every time some crazy thought popped into our heads we wrote it down and continued with our prayer. I found it helpful – somehow it took that crazy thought captive and let me continue praying.

    • Hi Mari! Oooh, that’s a new way of dealing with it. I never heard of that. Hey, if it works, it’s worth doing! I think I’d be writing the entire class! Seriously, in the silence, my brain is off to the races. I have to remind myself who’s in charge. And it’s not the monkeys!!

      I really loved your comment, thank you for the new way to overcome Monkey Mind!

      Evening blessings,

  7. Oh I love this!!! So fun and whimsical, but with such a clear message! I am well versed in the antics of those monkeys!! And you are so right to say we can’t give them too much attention! And yes, if only we didn’t worry so much and knew not to give these monkeys center stage, wouldn’t our lives be so much more fun and peaceful! I’ve been working on this for years, and seem to have the same old problem!! But maybe less so as wisdom and the peace of Christ takes center stage! Blessings!

    • Hi Kathy! I think those Monkeys will keep trying to knock us off our peace whenever they can. We can just hope to be quicker at realizing what’s happening and throw them out. I’m sure you are really good at it, as you’ve been working on it for so long.

      Yes, life would be more fun and peaceful without those rascals πŸ™‚

      Evening blessings,

  8. Ceil: You explain what I used to feel about any new venture in my life.We forget that God will take care of all the concerns us. (Psalm 138:8 KJV) As we mature, our concerns, change but we still have some.

    • Hi Cecelia! How wonderful that you have come to some real peace with the Monkey Mind! I want to be more like you, believe it.

      I probably will always have the distractions trying to get the best of me, but hopefully I’ll get faster at dealing with them. Remembering that God is my strength and will take care of my inner zoo is a great way to come to peace. Thank you!

      Evening blessings,

  9. Goodness! So true! It hits me at bedtime when I lie my head on the pillow. When I think “incoming” is near, I try to write my thoughts on paper, as if to shake them from the jar. As for the feelings of guilt and/or regret, oh my. Those seem too hard to shake out at times.

    • Hi Patty! I really like that image of ‘shaking them from the jar’. I never thought about writing the ideas down, but you and another commenter mentioned the same strategy. Might just be time for me to do that too.

      I am the WORST at looking backward too. God says, “The events of the past remember no more. See, I am making something new. Do you not perceive it?” That’s what I have to remember when I start fretting about what I said, what I did, how goofy I acted… It’s a work in progress, that’s for sure.

      Have a ‘monkey-less’ rest!

  10. OH, my! Could I EVER relate to this! I LOVE your analogy about the monkeys! I always find so much help and encouragement here…thank you, dear friend.

    • Hi Cheryl! Oh I know, the monkey idea hits it right on the head. I love that thought because for me, it’s completely true. Don’t feel like you are the only one!

      Always great to see you Cheryl. Have a peaceful night,

  11. Oh my, Ceil! You and I are twins separated at birth! Excellent post, full of truth! Just what I needed to read today. Thanks for helping me tame those monkeys today!

    • Hi Pam! So you have a busy mind too? Come sit over here, and we’ll try to ignore those mischief makers!

      I think everyone has some degree of these distracting thoughts. It’s good to know that isn’t it? I’ve learned that I can’t give them the keys to my mind, they need to get lost instead. I’ll be a lifelong process, no doubt.

      Monday blessings my Monkey Twin!

  12. Rumor has it my life is a zoo! πŸ™‚ Great story Ceil. I had never heard the “monkey mind” story of the Buddhists. I hate to think what “religion” I would be. My mind never seems to shut down. But I also know the Power of the One who controls all things.

    • Hi Bill! When I first heard this term, I immediately bonded to it. It’s so true! It just seems to be a part of the human condition. Fortunately, we know the Creator, who has no trouble with monkeys!

      Hope you had a relaxing, ‘non-monkey’ weekend πŸ™‚

  13. Yes, I know that zoo in my head! And is so true that is not til we agree with the ‘monkey’ that the stronghold starts. Thanks for the eviction notice tip. With a mind that thinks in picture, I can now see myself with an eviction sign in hand. They looked shocked, those monkey’s. They may not leave right away but I can stay strong in His promises.

    • Hi Lynn! I can see you with that notice, and I really like it! Out with you, you confusing, loud monkeys!

      I seem to give those thoughts WAY too much time. I have to get better at seeing them for what the are, distractions meant to confuse. You’re right about them not leaving right away, after all, I’ve given them a good home for a long time. Thank you Lord, for being the God of all creation (which includes monkeys!!).

      Monday blessings my friend,

  14. Oh, yes, Ceil, all those chattering monkeys trying to steal away our joy in the moment. What pains they are! But as you pointed out, by God’s grace, we can evict them from our minds; will they return? Umm, probably. But the more we practice silencing them, the stronger we will be.
    Blessings to you!

    • Hi Martha! I think you must have had some experience with these critters because your comment shows me you know how to deal with them. Personally, I’ve given them way too much attention!

      I have to get my eviction notice planted, and be ready to turn them out…right away!
      Monday blessings,

  15. Hi Ceil! I can relate to “monkey mind”. The more inactive my mind is (such as in doing mundane tasks) seems to cause the “monkeys” to come out. As the apostle Paul wrote, it’s about bringing every thought captive in Jesus and casting down vain imaginations. With God’s help, I’ll remain more alert to my thoughts and the ‘monkeys” will one day be a thing of the past!


    • Hi Kim! Remember that old saying ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’? Your comment reminded me of that. Unguarded moments, right?

      My problem is not so much that the thoughts come, but that I pay attention to them. I need to let them and those monkeys just swing away, and then get out! I agree. If I’m more alert, I’ll be faster at ignoring and ejecting those thoughts.

      Monday blessings,

  16. The imagery in the name “Monkey Mind” fits perfectly. Sit still for goodness sake! Identifying it as such goes a long way in settling our minds too. I agree with the gal who suggested having a pad of paper nearby. I use this trick ALL THE TIME!

    • Hi Traci! That is so interesting…I have never heard that trick about writing it down. And you and Patty do it all the time. I will definitely start. I need a trick to help me evict the monkeys!

      Thanks for visiting today πŸ™‚

  17. One of my ongoing struggles in live – the mind. Like a big pile of leaves I need that leaf blower of God’s grace to blow it calm and clean over and over again.

    • HI MINDY!! I like that visual of the dry leaves. It would seem to be so easy to get rid of those thoughts, but they just keep flying around. Maybe a leaf blower would do the trick for you!

      Meanwhile, I have to round up these monkeys again…

      Monday blessings my friend,

  18. Oh Ceil, you KNOW this speaks to me! I had a hard day today… I think when I feel crappy (gluten again) it really takes over my thought life and it launches my downfall.

    The sun was shining, and I felt so bad I honestly wanted to just go back to bed. I pushed through and made myself go for a walk- knowing that at least that would lift my mind out of the mud. It did. But throughout the entire walk, the monkeys came out to play! And I kept reminding myself that this messy way of thinking isn’t accurate- I kept trying to pull back my thoughts and widen the lens on my life and grasp the bigger picture. I didn’t get enough done today- (mainly spent it on the toilet) but a month from now, I will not remember that fact. There was nothing earth shattering that I missed. I’ll get to it, when I get to it.

    Oh, I wish I could completely believe that pep talk I tell myself. I’ll keep trying…

    • Aw Chris…I’m so sorry today is so rough for you. That’s when the Monkey Mind really comes out roaring. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you when your gluten intolerance gets plugged in.

      You are doing everything right. Just tell them they aren’t right, and that they don’t have the power over you. Jesus will do the rest. It takes a long time to get to mastery, and I wonder if I’ll ever get there either.

      We’re worth fighting for though, and God of all knows that. I’ll add you especially in my prayers my friend. I hope you’ll get back to feeling better later today.
      Blessings always,

  19. Those monkey pics are adorable. πŸ™‚ And boy, do I ever have too many of those monkeys in my mind far too often. The only time they give me peace is if I can surrender all the worries, stresses, and anxieties to God. I have to realize I can’t control or fix everything. Thank you for the smiles today, Ceil, and for putting a name to my ailment. πŸ™‚ Blessings and hugs to you!

    • Hi Trudy! The little ones are pretty cute, but that screamer could give me nightmares! πŸ™

      Your thought that you can’t control anything is so true. We can only try to ignore those howling monkeys, or ask them to get the heck out. Maybe they leave, maybe they don’t, but they do not have power over us. They’re only monkeys! That’s what I often forget.

      Asking the Lord to be our help and power is the only way we overcome. Thanks for that idea!
      Monday blessings,

  20. I have never heard of such an analogy in my life, but it is a very apt one indeed! And your gracious words offer such hope… that while there is chatter that goes on in our minds, we can put it to rest when we focus on the Lord Jesus, and give those monkeys mindless endless chatter a boot to the door! This is a very clear picture of how we can handle those times when we need to put the Lord Jesus back in focus, and shut out the things seek to destroy our peace with their constant noise. Blessings to you dear Ceil! πŸ™‚

    • Hi MM! It’s such a great description of what goes on in my head, and I guess in most other people’s too. So exhausting!

      I’m glad you could find a little tip to help you deal with your monkeys. Several commenters have mentioned writing down the ideas that try to distract. That way you can just ignore and go forward. Might be worth a try?

      Have a peaceful night!

  21. Hi Ceil!
    What a fun post to read with such a neat application I think we can all identify with at some level or time! I had never heard about the Monkey Mind! This was a great read as I am winding down from a very full day! Take care and many blessings on you, my friend!

    • Hi Pam! I just love this description of a busy mind. Believe me, it fits me to a ‘T’!!

      I’m glad you are winding down now my friend. You’ve been very busy. You deserve a good rest.


  22. Love this, Ceil! I deal with monkey mind on a daily basis. I can so relate to you here. And I completely agree with this: “The monkeys get their power from my attention.” I will remember that the next time they grab hold of me :). Thank you!

    • Hi Candace! Oh yes, so do I! My mind is a busy highway…or zoo I guess! But I know it’s only because I am overtired, or are allowing the interruptions. It sounds easy to give those little critters the ‘heave ho’, but I have to recognize that they are there.

      I’ve got to get better at that!
      Have a peaceful night my friend. Love the new image!!

  23. I never heard that term “monkey mind” but I’ve experienced it! You describe well those early days of motherhood and finally leaving the tot only to feel extremely detached somehow. No more attention to the monkeys from me since that’s key! Thanks for providing the best solution.

    • Hi Mary! Isn’t it a descriptive term? And I sure do remember those days when my kids were young. I don’t know how I trusted a teenager with them! And yet, I was a teenage babysitter at one time. πŸ™‚

      No more attention. That’s the key. They’ll get bored soon enough and swing right out of there.

      Good to see you! Have a peaceful night,

    • Hi Michelle! Well, it’s a great way of describing the crazy thoughts that invade in the spaces of our days. I know I meet those ‘dern monkeys’ way too often.

      Thank you for visiting today! I look forward to getting to know you better πŸ™‚

  24. Oh, my….I was just thinking about something along these lines this morning….how if I could turn my mind off at night, I could really get some sleep. πŸ˜‰ I don’t like to take OTC meds to help me sleep, but I do take Melatonin, since it’s a natural remedy. Monkey mind…that’s a good description. HOPE you have a great day, Ms. Ceil.

    • Hi Deb! I think a lot of people get the Monkey Mind at night. Finally slowing down, you start hearing all that chatter. So loud and insistent isn’t it? I have heard of Melatonin, I’ve thought about suggesting it to my dad. He has trouble sleeping, and as you say, it’s natural.

      I am having a great day! My daughter and her family are here for the week…there’s a lot of activity!
      Tuesday blessings,

  25. I have never heard this craziness in my brain described as monkey mind but your description makes perfect sense. I can now self-diagnose myself with monkey mind. Thank goodness it is not fatal and we can live with it. I stopped when I read your words about giving attention to monkey mind. We prolong as well as make it worse when we do this. We always have the option of releasing all our fears and jumbled mess to God. That sounds like a much better option. Thank you for reminding me of this today.

    • Hi Mary! I hadn’t heard of it before either, but when I read about it? Oh my gosh, I thought the explanation was spot-on. It just seems to be a part of life. If I can remember not to float along listening to that silliness, I’ll be okay.

      I think the Monkey Mind only lives with attention. No attention? Quiet and peace πŸ™‚
      Have a peaceful afternoon,

  26. Great post, Ceil. I definitely have those monkeys in my head- monkey mind is a great description. I think your point about not giving them our attention or letting them have control is important, though not always easy to put into practice.

    • Hi Carly! You’re right. I don’t think it’s easy either. Even the saints had to deal with the constant chatter in their heads. I think just sticking with it, telling those monkeys to ‘go away’ and ignoring them is the key.

      I did like the suggestion of writing it down. Then I won’t be thinking about engaging the ideas anymore. Worth a try!

      Have a peaceful night,

  27. How true is this! Especially when I’m trying to read my Bible or pray. Sometimes I need to tell myself, “I am praying. I’ll do that later. Shut up!” Now I have a new one: “Quit your monkeying around!”

    You are so funny, Ceil!

    • Hi Jeanette! I’m the funny one?? I didn’t even think of the ‘monkeying around’ line. Thank you for my smile for the day!!

      So glad you’re in my blogging life my friend πŸ™‚

    • Hi Anita! Than you for your kind words. I think we all visit that darn zoo…or really the zoo comes to us!

      Hope your weather isn’t too severe these days? It’s lightening and thunder outside right now!

  28. Oh Dear Ceil, I can so relate to the monkey mind! Let me get my Bible Study out to began preparing for the next week teaching and those stinking little monkeys somehow seem to be everywhere…begging for my time, attention and my thoughts. Here lately to be honest, I feel as though I’ve been thrown in the cage with those monkeys! Love this post Ceil and needed it today! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    • Hi Cindy! How cool that you are a part of a Bible Study! Wouldn’t you know that the monkeys would show up just when you’re trying to concentrate?

      I’m glad you understand what I’m saying about the Monkey Mind. I don’t feel so alone πŸ™‚

      Just ignore them, and they’ll leave you alone. That’s what helps for me.

  29. You had me laughing. Just this weekend I left my 1 year old with a friend for the first time. She laughed at me a land the list if instructions I left her and she had to tell me to stop texting her to check on my baby. I had a hard time enjoying my few hours away because my mind was in my baby. Turns out he slept most of the time and was fine. Being a mom is hard. I need to trust not only my friend but also God more.

    • Hi TC! As you could see, I can completely understand your feelings about leaving the baby. (Congrats by the way!!)

      I think your plan to trust more is a great one. Trust in the Lord, trust in your friend. I think that will keep the monkeys away πŸ™‚


  30. Around here, every day has its share of Eviction Day moments! Thanks for this gentle, refreshing reminder, Ceil. I’m so grateful that the Spirit stills our souls like a mother with a baby. How we need to be in that sacred healing place, multiple times a day.

    Beautiful. Just beautiful!

    • Hi Linda! I’m so grateful that the Lord helps us with those darn monkeys. All we have to do is ignore, or evict. Jesus will do the rest!

      So good to see you today πŸ™‚ Hope your doing well? Our weather is crazy here, wind advisories and all kinds of things blowing around!


  31. After all, we’re talking about monkeys, not Pulitzer Prize winners. – loved that sentence. Really takes the power away from scattered thoughts. Instead of getting frustrating – accept them and let them fall into the pit until later. I know that image works for me. great post!

    • Hi Jean! I kind of love that line too. Obviously not from me, but I enjoyed the inspiration πŸ™‚

      I like your image of the monkeys falling into a pit. Yeah! That I like, and I may just borrow it too.
      Have a very peaceful night my friend,

  32. Oh, I need to tame those monkeys but they are a bit too active lately. Struggling with a chaotic jumble of thoughts. I am JOYFUL and GRATEFUL that God has brought my husband back to the states but truth be told, I am kind of a mess these days. And I think I can say it’s because of monkey’s now. “The monkeys get their power from my attention. If I keep entering into their conversation and agreeing with them, I continue to give them control.” I am trying to not let them have a control but they seem to be winning lately.
    Always appreciate your analogies, friend.

    • Hi Beth! Well, I can certainly say that your life is in transition. It’s a crazy time, and of course, monkeys love that.

      I don’t know how many times the monkeys have taken control over me too. It’s not pleasant. I’ll keep you in my prayers and I know you’ll be praying in your own powerful way. God has mercy on His children, the ones who know they can’t do it alone. You have that kind of faith, so I know He hears you.

      Thinking of you my friend,

  33. I have to admit that I have never heard this condition referred to as “monkey mind” but I experience it quite frequently. I can even wake up with it and I wonder why because I don’t remember any dreams I may have had that may have created it! Not only is good to finally have a name for it but it just makes me feel better to know that others seem to experience it often…just like me! Maybe I really am NOT going crazy!

    • Hi Debby! If does feel like you’re crazy don’t it? I know that’s what it feels like to me. Sigh… Oh no, you are not alone!

      I think everyone feels those monkey swings now and again. If we can just be strong enough to say ‘get lost!’, or ignore them, we’d be so much better off. It’s work that takes a lifetime, that’s for sure.

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    • Hi Betty! Thank you so much! I hope many others will benefit from hearing about the Monkeys πŸ™‚

      I think we all hear from those darn monkeys at times. It’s good to know we’re not alone.


  34. Great post! Monkey mind is just that, crazy, and like you said, it only gets power when we give it attention. Sometimes turning our mind is the hardest thing, but it can be done! Thanks for your encouraging words.

    • Hi Judy! I think that’s the case with me. My problem is I keep following the thread of the chatter. Ugh. There I am, being distracted while praying or meditating.

      So nice to see you here! Hope you have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

  35. Haha. This wasn’t me at all! The first time we left Caleb we left him with adults and I was so terrified that he was going to starve since he wouldn’t take a bottle. (Even though he was asleep and we were only gone three hours) I guess monkey mind did happen, though. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Susannah! Don’t we all think we’re not going to fall prey to worry and jumping thoughts? I know I didn’t think so. It’s nice to know that it’s a part of the human condition, and that I don’t have to give it any power. That’s my choice!

      I’m glad your first time babysitting went well! It’s always the hardest one.
      Weekend blessings!

  36. {giggle} I loved this, Ceil! The truth wrapped in such fun! I can so relate. I sometimes feel like a whack-a-mole game is going on in my mind! I haven’t been able to make the rounds of blogs lately. So glad I got to stop by on this one. Blessings to you! πŸ˜€

    • Hi Lynn! How nice to see you again! Love that idea of ‘whack-a-mole’. It sure can feel like that sometimes. You just get one idea to calm down, and three others pop up!

      I’m glad I was on your list to visit. Hope you have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

  37. Another great post, Ceil! Mindfulness takes practice. And next time I meditate I’m going to picture your little monkeys heading out for bananas… most assuredly, giggles will ensue! No more monkey business during quiet time…Alooooha!

    • Hi Vicki! It is kind of a funny analogy, isn’t it? But I find it very descriptive for me. (I wish they would go out for bananas…then they’d be gone!!)

      Have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

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