Discover: In-N-Out Burger

My word for the year is “Discover”, so I wanted to share with you what I discovered about the hamburger chain, In-N-Out Burger.

You can only find these drive-thru and eat-in restaurants in the western United States, so I don’t have any personal experience with the chain. But you sure do hear about it, especially during award season in Hollywood. Movie stars talk about treating themselves to a burger there, and even have parties catered by the company. Famous chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain have admitted to being fans of the food, adding to the chains good name.



So did I discover that this food is popular and must be very good? Yes. But that’s not the discovery that surprised me. What I really loved discovering about this company, was it’s corporate culture.

In-N-Out Burger was created by Harry and Esther Snyder in 1948. It was one of the first companies to pay it’s employees more than the state and federally mandated minimum wage. The Snyders also established the In-N-Out Burger Foundation, which “supports organizations that provide residential treatment, emergency shelter, foster care and early intervention for children in need.” As a former foster mom who had a child that needed early intervention, I really appreciate this worthy goal. In the year 2010, the foundation gave away over 1.5 million dollars in grants in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah.

And that’s not all.

The Snyder family is Christian, and are proud and open about it. They backed up that faith by starting a beautiful practice in the 1980’s. Very quietly, very subtly, they started placing bible passages in out of the way places on the food packaging materials.



You might have to look a little carefully to see them, but they’re there. The Snyder Family wanted to subtly evangelize their Christian faith, and made a decision to pass along the words of the bible by printing passages. I think it’s a genius move. They certainly could have printed the whole text instead of citing the Chapters and verses. But why not pique interest? Why not move an attentive person to actually look up the Chapter? That would make the experience so much more personal. Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, perfect for searching for the verse.

Two thousand years ago, civilization revolved around faith. Governments professed faith in God, and just about every citizen held their faith life in great esteem. Spiritual and earthly lives were woven together, a seamless garment, making lives whole.

Well, we’re not living in a time like that anymore. Many seem to drift their own ways, and even talking about faith is considered rude when meeting in a social setting.

So that’s why I found it so refreshing to see this company put some encouragement and faith back into everyday life. Imagine the surprise a patron would experience, seeing Scripture printed on a soda cup, or a french fry packet!

A small thing. But it’s an impressive step toward reweaving that seamless garment.

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74 thoughts on “Discover: In-N-Out Burger

  1. Cool! Yes and amen for living out our faith in the workplace, using whatever level of influence we have to share the reason for the hope that we have!

    And, honestly? Right about now, I could use a great big juicy burger, friend. Care to join me?


    • Hi Linda! It really is a great way to evangelize, and to so many too!

      Girl, you have no idea. I just got home from a 3 1/2 hour drive from my daughter’s. I’d love a big, juicy burger. And a glass of wine too 🙂

      Anytime my friend, anytime!!

  2. Are Bible passages still printed now on their cups and packets?

    In the UK, if an Organisation did something like that the chances are its sales would drop sharply. Sadly, we don’t go much for Christianity over here. Not so long ago a nurse nearly lost her job because she suggested to a patient “Is it OK if I pray for you?” Another employee in another Organisation was suspended for wearing a Crucifix on a chain around her neck. A polititian who proclaims he is a Christian won’t go very far in his career.

    God bless.

    • Hi Victor! The Chapter and verses are there. And we all know about Christian-bashing here in the USA. It is interesting though. The Christian right has a very large voice with the power to match in the political arena. Politicians actually cater to them a lot.

      The situations you describe are so sad… All you have to say is ‘no thank you’ to someone who offers to pray. Why all the drama? We all have a long way to go to support each other, don’t we?

      Thank you for your always valuable insight Victor.

      • In the case of the nurse, the patient actually complained to the hospital authorities, instead of saying “No thanks!” She took it as an insult that the nurse wanted to pray for her. She was proud to be an un-believer.

        You see, that’s the problem here. People are actually proud to proclaim that they don’t believe in God. Often on TV/radio when the subject of Christianity is discussed the presenter would start by saying “Of course, I don’t believe in God and all that, but … What are your views on this? Ring or e-mail to tell us!”. He has already set the tone of the discussion by his opening sentence. If a Christian phones in, he is politely mocked in what he says and brushed aside with “That’s an interesting point of view …”

        Frequently celebrities, comedians and opinion formers declare that they don’t believe “in a bearded Man in the sky living on a cloud somewhere”. Actual words used on TV.

        God bless.

        • Oh yes, there are people like that here, no question. Christianity is seen as some kind of weakness. Like we are relying on something other than ourselves. Well, duh. YES! That’s the point isn’t it?

          Thank goodness there are still Christians who will phone in anyway, and give their ‘interesting point of view’. We really have lost the presence of faith in culture…

          • I wonder why and how that happened. The UK and Europe used to be big supporters of Christianity. Many, many missionaries in the old days came from there. Not so much anymore.

            Victor, are other religions more acceptable there…is it just a problem with Christianity?

          • Hi Sandy,

            I am no expert, but I think the problem is worldwide in that Christianity seems to be in retreat. Here in the UK regular church attendance (i.e. every Sunday) is down to about 5% of the population; (that’s all denominations, Catholic, Anglican etc). Yet the UK is officially a Christian country. My guess is if you stop people in the street some would say they are Christian but don’t really understand what Christianity is and certainly don’t practice it. The chances are many will tell you they don’t believe.

            Many people attend church three times or so in a lifetime: baptisms “to wet the baby’s head” as they say; weddings “for the church photos”, and funerals “for a good send off” just in case!

            Why is this happening? I would say that as people become relatively more aflfuent their focus changes to material things and spirituality is forgotten – until there is a crisis in their lives. I suspect it happens in most religions; but certainly Christianity is mocked/challenged on TV/radio more often.

            You certainly don’t advertise your Christianity at work. It is rare for a politician to declare that he is a Christian. See this link:

            God bless.

    • Hi Mari! I wish the same thing. Everyone says they are so tasty, and now that I know they’re such a great company, I REALLY want one here!

      Have a good Monday 🙂

  3. Ceil, Having lived my first 57 years in northern Ca., I frequented In-N-Out and it was our go to place for great burgers and fresh fries. I had no idea the owners are Christians and find it one more reason to visit them when we go home to Ca. Of course, now I can’t eat the bun so have the burger wrapped in lettuce and it’s even better. I’m had these in Ca., Utah and Az.; just wish they were here in Colorado.
    Thanks for sharing–I’m passing it on to my family because they’ll all be there this summer.

    • Hi Noreen! I really wish they would branch out in the midwest, but they appear to be doing just fine out west.

      The Scripture references are small, and I bet your family will be so surprised to discover them now! What a great company. Love the charity work too.

      Thanks for your testimonial!
      Have a blessed Monday 🙂

  4. Hi Ceil!
    What a great story!! As a Midwesterner, I have not “discovered” this chain even when we have occasionally traveled west, but if we ever see one it will certainly be a stop we make. This was such a fun read and it’s so great to honor brothers and sisters involved in the corporate world being Christ and passing Him along to others in creative ways. Thanks for the retelling of the story and the hope it gives in what seems like such a decaying culture. It also reminds us that the Lord can make a way if we seek Him no matter what business we may find ourselves in. True Market Place Ministry depicted here!

    Have a great week ahead, my friend!

    Love and blessings,

    • Hi Pam! ‘Marketplace Ministry’ huh? I like that term. And it’s very true with this company. I’ve never been there either, but it sounds like it’s universally loved for good food. And now I will have another great reason to visit if I ever get out west again. It’s fun to have a destination, right?

      Blessings on your week too Pam 🙂

  5. My husband’s favorite! It’s the first place he looks for in any AZ town and we have never been disappointed in their luscious hamburgers or their eagerness to please and make every order right. The only thing is, their places are so crowded, you always have a wait…so they can get it perfect…and it’s worth the wait! We are always happy to find an empty booth!

    • Hi Mary! I have heard that the lines can be challenging. Isn’t it amazing how popular they are? I think I’d get to Arizona before California, I really want to try their food, and see the little bible passages for myself!

      For the meantime, I think you’ll have to enjoy it all for me 🙂
      Here’s to empty booths!!

  6. Wow, this is just wonderful! I LOVE seeing companies doing things like this, and may they ever do so. Cook Out does this, too. I have noticed on their containers, there are little subtle Scripture references. Thank God for those who will stand unashamed and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I also love to patronize Sweet Frog, as they have their acronym displayed boldly on the wall, “Fully Rely On God”!! Thank you for sharing this information, Ceil! God bless you! 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl! It looks like there are many outlets that have or use Scripture references. I love that! (I’ve heard of the F.R.O.G. before, but didn’t know there was an actual store that used it!)

      I really like the idea of weaving our faith into culture. I wish there was more of it, it’s really encouraging!
      God bless you too my friend. Have a great Monday!

  7. Wow, what an encouragement! I really appreciate when Christian businessmen and women live out their faith! I will definitely eat there, should I ever run into one.
    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one before …

    • Hi Jerralea! It’s lovely isn’t it? I would really like to try the place too, but it will have to wait until I travel out west. No In-N-Out Burgers here. Booo!!

      It really is an encouragement to see a family using their business to pass along their faith. May we all be that courageous!
      Monday blessings,

  8. You gotta try one they line up at drive through and cars are 10 or more onto street. It’s a big big deal I love them but alas I’m not near them any more. Opposite coast. I’m proud of them sharing their faith and put verses on their cups where one might see possibly that speaks to whom ever sees it. God is smiling on them and blessed them with good business a trust me it’s the best hamburger ever. Packed during lunch time.

    • Hi Kathy! Love your testimonial to the food here! It seems like your thoughts are shared by a LOT of people. I’ve never had a burger there (or ever seen one either), and I’d love to sometime.

      It’ll have to wait until I get out west, but it’s going to be a ‘for sure’ destination. God smiling on them? That’s a ‘for sure’ too 🙂

      Blessings, and thanks for your visit here today!

    • Hi Denise! Thank you! It is interesting to learn about the efforts of companies to spread the Good Word. I hope to visit an In-N-Out Burger someday 🙂

      Monday blessings,

    • Hi Beth! So good to see you! Are you back from your travels yet?

      I’ve never had a burger here, but I’m sure your husband and son have. They are all over California. It’s a wonderful thing to learn about a company; sharing faith in such a lovely way. Great encouragement 🙂

      Monday blessings,

  9. I did not know this about the burger chain! How cool is that? I do hope they will be able to continue to share their Christian witness to a world in dire need of hearing God’s message of love and redemption.
    Great post, Ceil!

    • Hi Martha! I do too, and I think they’ve been doing it long enough, that it will continue. It’s still family owned. I suppose the real challenge will come if it every goes public, or is sold.

      I hope they’ll continue this wonderful practice though.
      Monday blessings, Super Gammie!!

  10. Thanks for this post, Ceil! I didn’t know that In ‘N Out channeled some of its funds to supporting causes like foster care and emergency shelters. I have noticed the scripture references on their paper products. In fact, last December I wrote a post entitled “When You Want to Hear God’s Voice” about how He spoke to me at In ‘N Out!

    Enjoyed reading this today.

    • Hi Betsy! I’m pretty sure I read that post? Maybe I commented too.

      It’s always such a blessing to learn about how companies like In-N-Out bring the Spirit to their product. And not only that, but they give back to such a wonderful cause. If your post inspired me, I’m so glad it did. I learned a lot!

      Thank you for your comment on FB too 🙂

  11. I’ve never had one of their burgers for two reasons: none around here and I am not a beef eater. 🙂 However, the culture they have passed along is a powerful example of doing things the right way. Thanks for the lesson Ceil. I might have to temporarily suspend my beef-eating avoidance to try one.

    • Hi Bill! Maybe you could just eat the fries??

      There aren’t any around me either, but next time I go out west, this is going to be a destination for sure. I love the evangelization in action. So powerful!

      Monday blessings,

  12. Thank you, Ceil. It truly is refreshing and inspiring to know there are chains like that who openly witness and point to God and His love. God only knows how many hearts have been turned to Him and how many have been comforted. I know it comforts me just to reflect again on John 3:16. Such love the Father has to offer up His only Son to us! Blessings and hugs to you!

    • Hi Trudy! I think if you don’t live out west, or know about the Scripture lines, you’d miss this company completely. It’s so important to pass along this Good News! There are people living out their faith in so many different ways, public and private. It all needs to be celebrated!

      You mention a very famous line from Scripture. So many have found comfort in it, and we all should recognize it’s Good News. How blessed we are to have such faithful friends 🙂

      Blessings and hugs right back to you!

  13. Great discovery! We have them in Texas and LOVE the food, the kind, upbeat service, the cleanliness. I had not known about the Bible verse on the bottom of the cup though. Very cool. BTW, they have killer shakes. Yummy!!

    • Hi Patty! Take a look next time, you know where to look from the photos on the post. I bet once you see them, you’ll never see the packaging in the same way again.

      I have never heard a bad word about the food! It must be amazing. I can’t wait to go someday 🙂

      Killer shakes? Count me in!

  14. I am fortunate to live in the West, and therefore, I have the unmitigated pleasure of eating at In-N-Out Burger anytime I want!!! Their *double-double* burgers are the best. I have been known to get two at a time – don’t judge!! I wish I could mail one to you, Ceil. They truly are one of life’s greatest guilty pleasures!

    I also knew about their Christian faith, and their dedication to the cause of spreading the Good News – (though I don’t think I knew about the *hidden* Bible verses). I also remember a long time ago when church friends of my uncle’s opened their own franchise. It was an instant success. I think this company has really found the secret to this marketing idea – “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”

    And, of course, I truly believe God has blessed their enterprise.

    What a testimony to the power of bringing the Lord’s work into the workplace!


    (Their chocolate malts are delicious, too!!)

    • Hi Sharon! Well, there’s a good reason to drive off the mountain, right? Maybe a little run to In-N-Out would be good for the soul.

      I agree with your insight that God has blessed them. Having such great food helps, but certainly He is joyous over the Word being passed along.

      You and Patty both extol the shakes/malts. Oh man, I’m getting hungry!!
      Blessings to you my friend,

  15. Hi Ceil! Interesting. Being a Midwesterner I have no familiarity with In-N-Out Burger. Their corporate culture sounds empowering–Jesus really does empower those who accept Him. So much good is being done by those who are born-again Christians, too bad it’s not always widely known. Without Christian faith permeating a culture, things tend to spiral out of control.

    Have a blessed week!

    • Hi Kim! I just love the idea of blending faith and life, and like you, wish it was more prevalent. That’s the way it used to be so many years ago. Sigh…

      It’s great to see a company that’s so successful really spread the Gospel message. Who knows, maybe more will follow?

      Have a blessed afternoon!

  16. Often it is the small steps that lead to big changes in our lives. Thanks for sharing this about In-N-Out. I will be sure to look for one next time we are in those areas.

    • Hi Pam! Isn’t that the truth. We should never think that the small or what we think are small things we do go to waste.

      I want to go to an In-N-Out Burger too!!

      Have a peaceful night,

  17. That is wonderful! I love how this couple thought ‘outside the box.’ That’s quite a vibrant sign they have but fits as isn’t His message a vibrant ray of faith, hope and love too? Thanks for sharing this story. I look forward to reading more about what you ‘discover’ this year.

    • Hi Lynn! The image I used for their business was a really bright one, you’re right. Love the way you compared it to the Lord’s message for us all.

      Thank you for your FB ‘like’ too! I appreciate your support 🙂
      Have a restful night,

  18. I love this and I couldn’t agree more. We were just taking about the mailer company, Skrudlands Photo. They were blatantly Christian too. Loved the photos. Loved the message.

    • Hi Anita! Now it’s my turn to have never heard of a company. I’m not familiar with Skrudlands. Were they in Oak Park? It sounds a little familiar, but I can’t quite place it.

      Thank you for your lovely words about the post. Have a wonderful day, it’s so nice here! Already in the 60’s !!!

      Tuesday blessings,

  19. I have not been an “In & Out” fan until you posted this today–will begin patronizing them when I want a burger, I fully support and always choose overtly Christian run companies–Hobby Lobby–Chic-Fil-A & now In & Out. Thank you for the update!

    • Hi Lulu! I don’t think you’ll be unhappy with the food, or the encouragement! Not one commenter has said a bad word about the company or the food.

      We have a Hobby Lobby in our town too, and I do love to wander the aisles. So many fun things to look at!

      Blessings right back to you 🙂

      P.S. I sent you an email re: accessing your blog.

  20. I have never been to IN and Out Burger either and don’t know too much about it. Thank you for the insight into this company that beside having good food is a Christian company that is trying to make a difference. There probably are more companies like this who are either subtly sharing Bible verses or who don’t want to broadcast it because it doesn’t fit in with the mainstream. It is a shame for sure. Hope your week is going well.

    • Hi Mary! I am having a great week, thank you!

      It’s always encouraging to hear about people or companies that share their faith so openly. And it doesn’t hurt that the food is so good either! I hope more will follow suit. We need the support.

      Have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

  21. I love this! Who knew??? Thanks for sharing. Now, I wish there was one locally, because I want one of those burgers right now! Gonna seek one out everywhere I go, now! Aloha

    • Hi Vicki! It is a shame that the chain isn’t more widespread across the USA. Well, I guess I’ll have to wait until I go west on vacation to sample it myself. It’s going to be a real destination for sure!

      Thanks for visiting today 🙂

  22. Thanks for shouting out about In n Out Burger. We used to go there when we lived in California, and their food is marvelous! You can see the sacks of fresh potatoes they use for the french fries, sitting in mounds in the kitchen. And they use only fresh beef, never frozen. We miss them…

    I knew about the Scriptures on the cups, but not about all the money they give away. That’s great!


    • Hi Jen! I didn’t know anything about this company, so you were miles ahead of me. Everyone who has tried the food says it’s so good!

      And of course giving money away for foster care and early intervention really rang my bell. Can’t wait to go there someday!

      Happy Wednesday,

  23. Ceil: This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing about the evangelism they practice. I believe their success could be based on the fact they do share the gospel with their customers.

    • Hi Cecelia! I do believe you could be right. God rewards His children who love Him, and spread the faith. I hope more companies follow suit!

      Have a peaceful night,

  24. Fascinating. We don’t have them here but love finding a company that Christians own. I think this calls for a trip to ‘discover’ them first hand, don’t you?

    • Hi Jean! Love the new photo!!

      Oh yes indeed. Especially if I can get back to Tucson again! I’d love to try this place. Several commenters have mentioned that they have good shakes/malts too. Yummmmm!!

      Have a peaceful night!

  25. I had no idea about this! I loved that place when I lived in LA. We ate there all the time. The Bible verses printed on the packaging is such a fantastic idea. I love them even more now :). Thanks for sharing this, Ceil!

    • Hi Candace! I’m not too sure when they started this practice, so maybe you were there before they started printing the bible passages. I just love that, and the fact that they give so much money away serving good causes.

      A great company for sure!
      Blessings to you today 🙂

    • Hi Alice! It is fun to get around to other people’s websites and learn new things. Makes me wish there was one around the Midwest. I love Hobby Lobby. Just walking around the store puts me in a good mood!

      Have a wonderful Thursday 🙂

  26. Oh how I LOVE that!! You are so right, this world doesn’t exhibit things like that anymore… moral ground and faith filled packaging to top off great food? WOW.

    One question: When are they coming to the Midwest?

    I just think it’s pretty awesome that celebrities go there- holding those cups with scripture on them. Now THAT is outreach!!

    • Hi Chris! I’d like to know when they are coming too, I’d love to sample the food and see the packaging for myself. I guess we’ll just have to wait until they decide to come out this way…or take a trip our west!

      You’re right, it’s great advertising to have such popular stars endorsing their products.

      Have a great weekend my friend!

  27. Lovely reading this Ceil especially these days when people are ashamed of being called Christians.
    We could all learn something from this family.
    Thanks for sharing this encouragement.
    Hugs and Blessings to you Ceil

    • Hi Ifeoma! We all need heroes and leaders, and I think this family could be called both. Wouldn’t it be great if other companies followed suit?

      So nice to see you again! Have a great weekend 🙂

  28. Hi Ceil! I really like this post. I LOVE In-and-Out Burger – we have lots of them here in Arizona, but I was first introduced to them when we lived in Southern California. They are excellent. I have seen their scripture references on their packaging before, and am glad to know that the owners of this company are good Christian people who are sharing their faith. I agree with you about our society. It has become a sick and anti-Christian world that we live in. We must all stand up for our beliefs and share the light like you and the owners of In-and-Out! Thanks so much for this post!

    • Hi Deb! Thanks for visiting today! I’m glad you liked the post, and I’m very jealous that you are in Arizona! I think the next time I get out to the west coast, I will have to make In-N-Out Burger a destination.

      It would be so wonderful to return to faith being an integral part of life, ALL parts of life. It’s encouraging to see this company trying to do just that.

      Have a great weekend 🙂
      PS Maybe you’ll have a burger??

  29. Fun facts! I have never visited an In-N-Out Burger but how great that they are sharing God’s Word with so many. Happy weekend! (PS: You are becoming quite the speaker – how wonderful that God is using you in this way!!)

    • HI MINDY! I never have either, but I’d really like to. The next time I get out west, I’m headed straight for one 🙂

      Thanks for your comment about speaking. It’s a new thing for me, and I hope it keeps on going. I still get pretty nervous, but I’ve had some good feedback so far.

      Have a great weekend!

  30. I have heard of the In-and-Out Burger, but have never been to one, and now I really want to go! I enjoyed your sharing of their background story, and stand for Christ! 🙂

    • Hi MM! I’m just like you. Never been. Really want to go!!

      I think companies like these need to be encouraged and supported. I really love their commitment to children too.

      Have a great weekend!

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