The God of All Prayer

In the middle of all our blessings, sits our world, a planet filled with troubles and need.

Seems like everywhere you look, there are real emergencies.


An epidemic of handgun violence in Chicago

Isis continues it’s plans for damage and mayhem in the name of faith

Syrian refugees pour over the Turkish borders, running from the bombs of their own government

Tornadoes, floods and record snows batter our country

North Korea launches rockets that prepare for the addition of missiles


These are true calamities, and we are moved to pray and donate time and treasure as we are able. And these are only some of the global concerns. There are many more tough roads people walk in their own lives. Addiction, deportation, medical challenges…



It’s easy to become overwhelmed as the television and newspapers give us more and more reasons to pray. To reach out. To hope for healing, peace and harmony.

Recognizing so much sadness, don’t you wonder sometimes if God can or even should hear our prayers? All over the globe, appeals to God are lifted that are so dire and immediate. My concerns seem so small and unimportant in view of all the cries in war, violence and disease. They’re kind of embarrassing really, compared to what I see.

Looking for an answer to my question, I thought about the parents of young children. They respond to their newborns with love and attention to their needs. So…isn’t God like that?

And remember the days when you took your infant to the doctor for check-ups? Sometimes your child cried because they were scared, which was expected. But then there was the cry that came after a vaccination. And not just with the shot itself, you knew you had to be prepared for a day or two of your child’s fussiness, lack of sleep and clinging close.



My daughter was like that. She was a little, pint-sized person, especially as an infant. After her second DPT shot, she developed a sizable, bright red rash at the injection site. It was very tender. (She ended up being allergic to the ‘P’ part of the shot.)

I called the doctor, and was told to give her medicine for the swelling and discomfort. She was one very unhappy camper. And of course, she needed me and her father for comfort.

My son was two years old then. Even though my husband and I were very worried and involved with our daughter, we didn’t forget, abandon or ignore my son. We knew he still had needs, and we were there to fill them too.

Now, if we could balance that, then how much better and fully is God able to hear all our needs, great and small, in this world of trouble and trial? Surely He hears everyone’s prayers and bends to us with love to respond just as tenderly.

So let’s keep praying for our troubled world. And yes, for ourselves too. The Lord hears it all, and He doesn’t prioritize.

He just knows we need Him.




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58 thoughts on “The God of All Prayer

    • Hi Terry! Thanks, I thought it was a comforting idea. I do think at times that what I pray for is so small and goofy compared to the world’s problems. I think I was comforting myself through this post!

      Hope you had a good weekend? We were in Indiana for Miss Izzy’s birthday. Lots of fun with the kids πŸ™‚


  1. Yes Ceil. The world is in a bad place right now, and there are many troubles everywhere. Every so often God allows the devil to roam free in the world and to do his thing. I suspect it’s a test for us all. But God is still in control. He allows the devil to roam free but within strict boundaries.

    And as a result, some of us, pray. We pray for peace. we pray for healings, we pray for those suffering hunger, earthquakes, or whatever. And whilst we’re praying, and helping, we are doing what Christ asked: to love one another.

    So the devil roaming free causing havoc results in our prayers, our pity for others, and our love for others as Christ commanded.

    And He answers our prayers, whether great or small, He answers them all in His own time and in His own way. Because He loves us all, individually, but differently. Just like a parent loves all his children, individually and differently. Each according to their need.

    God bless.

    • Hi Victor! That’s a wonderful explanation of the dynamic of hard times and prayer. I hope all of our prayers are heard, both for ourselves, our loved ones, and people we don’t even know.

      And of course, hope doesn’t disappoint! God will hear and be merciful. We really do have an awesome God.

      Have a peaceful night Victor,

    • Hi Pam! I agree with you, it is a comforting thought. As I said, I wonder sometimes why He would bother with my prayers when there is so much pain and sorrow in the world.

      But He does care for everyone. That includes us! He is the best Father ever.
      Have a peaceful night!

  2. Oh, Ceil! I received so much comfort from your words tonight! YES, He surely does care about each one of our needs equally, and I love what you said about how God does not prioritize. What a dear blessing it is to know this! There is no respect of persons with God, and even though the needs around us may seem to be bigger than our own needs, He cares about our needs every bit as much as He cares about the “big” things. God bless you for another powerful, precious post, dear Ceil! You are such an encouragement to me!

    • Hi Cheryl! I’m glad you liked the post today. It’s a subject that often challenges me. God’s great grace to all of us of care and love is hard to fathom with my little human brain! He loves me, you…everyone the same and cares the same too.

      You’re right. That thought is a definite comfort.
      Have a great Monday πŸ™‚

  3. I understand what you are saying Ceil. For me the only way I can come to terms with what seems like unanswered prayers is that God’s sometimes answers with ‘No, YOU must sort out the global issues” a sudden miracle wouldn’t change what drives people to do terrible things, and interestingly, terrible natural disasters bring out the best in people.

    On a personal level regarding prayers – well, I just don’t know the answer to that. He’s got me stumped there! I pray hopefully; but without expectation. Andrina X

    • Hi Andrina!! I’m so happy to see you here! And I checked your blog and you are continuing to write…I had no idea. Thank you for dropping by so I can continue to visit you!

      Maybe you’re right, God wants us to step in more. Use the grace we already possess to help each other. That’s a good thought to ponder. I think I do pray with expectation, and I know He always answers. Not always in the way I will understand or asked for, but always answers. He has great love for you my friend. He is there, even if you don’t feel or hear Him. I truly believe that.

      So happy we reconnected!

  4. The Omniscience of God confounds me only because of my limited understanding of it. How can I, as a human, grasp it? I can’t. So I just believe it. I believe in a God who knows all and balances everything in His hand. Thanks Ceil.

    • Hi Bill! I think that’s the way to look at it. How can my mind grasp such enormity? It just can’t. It takes faith, and trust that God, who created all, loves and cares for all.

      You’re welcome Bill! I wondered what you would say about this post…

  5. His omnipresence and omnipotence are beyond our human comprehension, but you, Ceil, have given us an example we can all understand.

    Well Done!
    God Bless You, Friend

    • Hi Lulu! My human experience is really all I have to compare to what God is doing. It’s a small slice of what and who God is and what He is capable of, but it helps.

      I absolutely agree that the Lord is beyond my abilities to understand. I’m just so grateful that I can know that my prayers, no matter how feeble, are heard and loved. What more could I want than that?

      Have a great Monday!

  6. Thank you, Ceil, for this down-to-earth reminder that God isn’t too busy or too distant to hear all our prayers, no matter how insignificant they may seem to us. And in these most troubling times, don’t we all need the Father’s reassurance?

    • Hi Martha! Boy, I sure do. Sometimes the national news is just so unbelievably sad. It never fails to stun me how cruel some people are to each other. How does God see this stuff and not cry?

      I’m so happy to know that He listens to all of us without favoritism, or ranking. We all mean so much to Him. That is something to treasure, and I realize that.

      Blessings to you to my friend,

    • Hi Jean! I’m happy you felt peace. I know it brought me peace too! I often wonder why God would listen to my little problems when so much horror and sadness is in the world.

      But He still does! Amazing. How can I understand such love and care? It helps me to see it through my human experience, even though it surely pales in comparison.

      Relax, enjoy!!

  7. Hi Ceil. The news can be so discouraging, can’t it? Our hearts can ache for all those in pain whether near us or abroad. It’s such a comfort to know that God never treats our needs as something “little” or not worthy of attention. Your post reminds me of an Augustine quote I love -“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.” He never has to divide His attention. Isn’t that amazing? Thank you for prompting me today to reflect on the undivided attention God gives to each of us. Hugs!

    • Hi Trudy! I am familiar with that quote and I think it would have made an excellent addition to the post. Thank you for reminding me of it!

      Knowing that God is here makes listening to all that pain bearable. There has to be hope. And the hope may be in Him, or in the grace He gives us to do the work of peace. May we all be good listeners to His words…

      Blessings and hugs right back πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Ceil, It’s hard for us finite humans to get our minds around a BIG, infinite God, so we struggle thinking our requests are so small. Yet, like you remind us here–God is more than capable of handling our requests. As you point, out parents of more than one child can care for and love both children simultaneously–if humans can do this; God has it more than covered. John 16:33 came to mind as I was reading your post–Jesus speaking: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

    Blessings on your Monday,


    • Hi Kim! You mention another great quote that is perfect for this post. Thank you so much! No matter what happens in our lives, or in the world, there is a way to conquer it in Christ.

      It is a huge concept, and I do wonder about it from time to time. What a perfect Father we have, who never discourages our prayer, but wants us to seek, knock and ask.

      Hope you have a wonderful afternoon,

  9. I know what you mean- sometimes it can seem like there are far bigger things in the world for God to be dealing with so why would he listen to my prayers? But I love that he is big enough to deal with it all, to know what each person needs and to care about that whether it’s something big or small. Thanks for this great reminder.

    • Hi Carly! It’s such a comfort to know that God is in all things, and doesn’t measure them like I do. I think I’m ‘too small’ but God doesn’t see it that way at all. I’m a child, and I need Him. And that’s enough for Him.

      I’m glad it was a reminder for you! I often need reminders myself, especially about prayer.
      Thanks for visiting πŸ™‚

  10. Appreciate this reminder. After yesterday’s sermon, I’ve been pondering things like blessings and His care for us. It’s hard sometimes to sort it all out with the challenges this world faces, but we need to regularly focus on the simple truths that make all the difference.

    • Hi Karen! That’s a good point. I guess I make it very complicated, wondering if the size of my prayers means it’s meaningless, or gets lost. Really, it’s as simple as a Father’s love for His children. Can’t get much more basic than that!


  11. Ceil: This is a very enlightening message. I especially like this part. ” It’s easy to become overwhelmed as the television and newspapers give us more and more reasons to pray. To reach out. To hope for healing, peace and harmony.” I will share this thought at my prayer groups. Thank you.

    • Hi Cecelia! Thank you for your kind words about the post, I really appreciate it. And thank you for telling your prayer groups about it too. Our prayers are truly heard, and not ranked in any order at all.

      God wants to hear from all of us!
      So good to know you’re doing much better too,

  12. Both of my sons had trouble with their DPT shots. Same thing as your daughter – hot, red, swollen spot where they were injected. And fever in the night, and throwing up. Those days were hard, doing what I knew would be painful in order to do what was best. I think this is how God is with us. His love requires that He sometimes has to do the painful thing in order to do the best. Might we accept even the tough things as signs of His favor.

    And yes, let’s keep praying. We have been given direct access to the throne room, and invited to come in boldly. Let’s take God up on that!!


    • Hi Sharon! Wow, that’s interesting. Of course, my children are adopted, so my son was fine with all his shots. I had no idea this was a common reaction. Thanks for telling me!

      I like how you said we all have access to the throne room. That’s a vivid image in my mind. Imagine being able to be there just any time we want to be… Not like the kings of earth at all!

      God bless you and yours too Sharon!

  13. Yes, there are SO many things that need prayer attention. I’m grateful that God cares and knows about each and every one, regardless of how small or large. And grateful that WE are not the ones with that responsibility to listen to them all and solve them! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lisa! Boy, ain’t that the truth! I sure can’t even absorb everything one person says, much less than the world! I guess that saying that ‘God is God and I am not’ really fits in here.

      All our prayers are precious and heard. What a joy that is to know!

      Have a peaceful evening my friend,

  14. Thanks for this powerful reminder to pray, Ceil. I admit that in the political mess that we find ourselves in that it’s much easier to talk back to the TV, to pontificate, to wring my hands at the craziness of it all.

    Pray. Pray. Pray. Release it all into the hands of the King of Kings. Yes. Less TV time, more knee time.

    This post is a much-needed reminder. Thanks for taking us there, friend …

    • Hi Linda! Do you live here??? My husband talks back to the TV when the news is on, and starts discussing the issues right there and then! To me, it’s so funny. But we all need to vent.

      I’d rather pray, and trust. I can’t do a lot myself, but God can call just the right people in just the right places. I pray also that we all hear the call when it comes. After all, we are all God has!

      Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. I had a conversation with my husband not to long that spoke to this. He mentioned a concern that he felt was trivial and I responded saying I’d pray for Him. He thought God had bigger things to worry about and I reminded him, “Oh, dear, He cares about EVERY detail (big and small) of your life.”

    Great post, Ceil.


    • Hi Beth! What a beautiful response to your husband Beth. I know he must really prize your faith, and you his.

      There is a song by Amy Grant where she says the same thing. “Just tell God every detail. And the peace of God that no one understands will come to you.” Isn’t that beautiful? It sounds a lot like what you said.

      Always great to see you here!

  16. I have felt the same way, that my prayers, wants and needs are so frivolous compared to the ‘big’ stuff of this world. I love your parallel, that we don’t forget our first born, when our second born requires attention too. All of us matter to Him equally, and are equally made in His image. And equally loved.

    • Hi Lynn! It seems to me that God leaves His imprint on so many things on this earth. All to bless, all to teach too. Even my children and a reaction to an immunization. Such a creative Father we have!

      We are all equally loved, and that is very good news indeed.

      Have a blessed afternoon,

  17. As a pastor’s wife of 41 years, I’ve heard people say or imply that their needs were too small to bother God with. You hit it spot on, Ceil, by saying that God has enough resources to care for all his children. Thanks for this reminder!

    • Hi Jeanette! Oh, I’m sure you have! I have said it myself, many times. It seems like I make lists of what’s important, but God certainly doesn’t. If I just look at my own life experience, I’ll see how I have managed to make decent decisions, so certainly God is acres above me!

      I know you and your husband were so helpful to your flock. They were blessed to have you!
      Have a great evening,

  18. It is hard for me to comprehend how limitless our God is. I really like your message because it brings it down to my simple understanding that our love is there for our children and we are capable to care for them no matter how hard! What a great God we serve, Ceil!

    • Hi Mary! So true. And that God can teach us so well in our own lives, using our own lives, is a wonderful thing too. He is always here, teaching and showing the way. That seems unfathomable too, doesn’t it?

      Have a restful night my friend!

  19. Ceil, you touched on such a significant topic here. I often think to myself, “I don’t want to express my needs to God, when so much else is going on in this world.” I love how you chose to paint this picture of God’s love and care for us all, through the balance of our own parenting. There truly is enough of Him for all his children to receive His tender care. Thank you for such an important reminder, my friend.

    • Hi Chris! You use your parenting experience in your writing as well, and I think it’s a powerful tool. We are given all kinds of experiences in our lives to see God express His love and creativity and passion for all of us individually. Hard to understand sometimes, but seeing how we can care for our children helps sometimes!

      Have a peaceful day πŸ™‚

  20. So much “yes”! God does hear our prayers and the hidden pleas in our hearts. He cares so deeply about every single one of us. The thought of it is beyond me at times but drawing near to God in prayer is exactly where He wants us to be.

    Thank you for reminding us of God’s unfailing love for all of us.

    • Hi Mary! I know! The thought is so beyond me too, and I think that’s why I end up not remembering how He can hear all of us. And wants to hear from all of us!

      Hope you had a wonderful day, and have a peaceful night πŸ™‚

  21. This was timely. And excellent. We all have “stuff”. Monday I realized that one thing was missing all day. The voice of Truth. Wow…I want to be an encourager….and I got lost in the world. Glad I stopped by. I hope this makes sense. Writing is not my skill!

    • Hi Anita! I’m glad it was something you enjoyed reading, and could apply to your life my friend. What a great grace to understand what was missing from your life! When you find it, isn’t it just like the clouds breaking and the sun breaking through?

      Celebrating with you!

  22. It is a hard concept for our human minds to wrap around the truth that God knows each and every single heart,and its particular needs! A truth that absolutely flabbergasts my mind at times. Yet, we can rest in the comforting thought and knowledge that our God who knows the problems of every other person in this world we live in, cares vastly about me, and just exactly where I am today! As you just read in my blog post… He cared enough to have a friend send a card in the mail to us, to arrive at the precise moment we needed to be encouraged! He cares, oh yes He cares! No matter the problems in the world around us that are so troubling… He cares about it all, and even cares about the little details of our lives. We can rest our hope and confidence in Him. All is well, IN HIM! Blessings to you dear Ceil, and may the Lord’s presence be with you in a special way today!

    • Hi MM! Your post was really inspiring, and a real testament to God’s timing, and the powerful way He works in all of us. It is overwhelming! Who can understand it? I think it’s beyond our scope to capture. But what a comfort to know that God is so present and alive in us, around us and in our environment. And He cares about all of it.

      Thank you for your prayer for me. I wish you the same! May we both know the presence of God in a way we understand today πŸ™‚

  23. Amen, dear Friend! You are so right all through this post! (Sorry, I am a bit late to get to your latest posts. We went to Indy last week to watch our middle grandson in a regional basketball tourney. Their varsity boys team won after hard fought battles! What fun!) I think the headlines are so concerning, but then I wonder if our parents experienced much the same as they lived through early adulthood during WW II. Perhaps we experience it a bit differently due to the minute-by-minute immersion that modern day technology allows us so we cannot ever get away from it. The radio and the daily newspapers were much slower to give accounts, but even so the challenges of that time period remind me of their sturdy faith through a time of trouble when Japan was rampaging and Hitler and Mussolini were threatening to rule the world. Looking back at their faith, their tenacity, gives me comfort for our own troubled times.
    Love and blessings,

    • Hi Pam! Congrats to you your grandson’s team! That’s so exciting!!

      I just got back from visiting my daughter, helping with the kids. I understand your life!

      You have an interesting point about communications back then and now. We do hear everything so much more immediately. I think of that in regard to weather too. But whatever we hear, trust is the best. Trust in God, trust in each other. And above all, know that God hears all of us.

      Have a good rest!

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