Transformed Into a New Creation

I was walking down the sidewalk with my daughter and her family, when they caught my eye.

I saw at least fifteen different globes nestled in their own rusted metal plant stands. They looked like the gaze balls you see in gardens everywhere, but they didn’t have mirrors on them. One was covered in seashells. One had little glass beads with watch faces interspersed  around it. Each one was a really interesting work of art.

I started talking to the young man and woman who were selling the art on the grass by City Hall. They told me that they were selling the pieces for their grandmother. Yep. The grandma was the artist. And her medium? Chipped, broken and worn out bowling balls.

Can you believe it? Each ball, perched on it’s own metal plant stand, was a repurposed bowling ball. Ingenious, right?

IMG_0669Of course, I had to have one. I bought the one that was covered with glass beads, and put it in my side garden. I just love the way it looks in the sunlight. And I can relate to the story behind it too.

How many times have I felt dented, chipped and bruised by life? Not to mention rejected. Life has a way of unceremoniously dropping us on the hard ground. We become too heavily burdened for anyone to carry, so we’re quickly cast away. Getting repeatedly bounced around like that, there’s bound to be cracks.

What about being tossed into the wrong lane? Off I go, feeling like I’m flying to my goal, only to find that I’ve plopped onto an unfamiliar road. How did I get here? And sometimes, I find myself rolling backwards from the starting line, bouncing like a rubber ball. Only I’m not made of rubber.

Its easy to feel damaged and useless. Negative thoughts start seeping in…maybe God will never use me, because all those cracks and crevices don’t allow me to roll smoothly anymore.

But then I remember that when I’m at my weakest, my Father comes to help me. He tenderly picks me up from the cold, hard ground. Then He begins to work.

Like the smooth, sealing plaster the artist used, He covers all my pits and chipped places with His love and grace. Even the dented finger holes are plugged up. What a change! I am restored, round and smooth again, completely covered in His mercy and great love.

God has transformed my broken self into a new creation. Now it’s up to me to adorn my new creation with acts of love.

Every time kindness or consideration is offered to another, He adds a new and shining stone to my life. That’s how my Father will recognize me…by my works of mercy. My goal is to look just like my new garden ornament. I want to be a luminous reflection of God’s renewed and renewing love.

I hope to be a beautiful ornament in the garden of God’s creation.



When we are weak in ourselves, then we are strong in the grace of our Lord.                          ~2 Corinthians 12:10


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78 thoughts on “Transformed Into a New Creation

    • Hi Cheryl! I’m glad to be back, thank you! I had a wonderful time away, but miss the connection to other bloggers. Like you!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Have a relaxing Sunday 🙂

    • Hi Andrina! Thank you for your lovely comment. I am so blessed that you were moved by the post today. It’s always a wonder how God speaks to all of us through each other.

      It’s good to be back in the blogging world!

  1. First of all, welcome back. Hope you had nice holidays with your family.

    Those balls look really beautiful. What a great idea to cover them with glass and shells and so on. Wonderful ornaments.

    I agree with your analogy with life and the way we are sometimes tossed by life’s events and the ups and owns that come our way. I suspect that if we keep praying, even when things are really really bad, it shows we still have Faith. Because it proves we believe there’s Someone out there listening!

    God bless you and yours.

    • Hi Victor! Thank you for your welcome back, it’s nice to be back after a lovely break.

      The decorations and the idea of repurposing this way was inspired. I really enjoy my little ‘bowling ball’ in the garden. And I agree completely with your thoughts about prayer. It does prove that I have faith if I continue to pray through adversity!

      Blessings always to you my good blog-friend 🙂

  2. That was a very nice analogy, Ceil. The bowling balls must have been beautiful. I did two myself last summer and they were not particularly easy to do! So that Grammie is quite a gal. Hope she sold a lot of them. Take care and have a beautiful new week of life. Susan

    • Hi Susan! Did you really? I bet they are so pretty! Such a great idea, and a wonderful way to repurpose the cracked and unusable balls too.

      I hope she sold a bunch too 🙂
      Thank you for your good wishes. Blessings to you and yours,

  3. I love life lessons, and this one is awesome! So glad to see you back. HOPE you had a great vacation….and your new lawn ornament is beautiful!

    • Hi Deb! It’s great to learn from the things I see. I think God is out there in everything I do and see, teaching and loving me all the time.

      That little ornament is really cute, isn’t it? And I did have a good vacation. Lots of living packed into a few weeks!

      Have a peaceful evening,

  4. Hi, Ceil!
    Unique indeed. May we always shine brightly in the kingdom of God doing God’s will sparkling forth with mercy and love to all around us. I like the story of the brokenness turned into ornamental beauty!

    Hope you enjoyed your family time! Good to see you back.

    • Hi Mary! It’s fun to be back. I had a great break, good times with the family!

      Sparkling with mercy…yes, that’s what I’d like to be. Or just a sparkler! It’s such a comfort to know that we are always candidates for transformation.

      Great to see you again 🙂

    • Hi Freda! Yep. My thoughts exactly when I saw them!

      Thanks for your kind welcome. It’s great to be back in the blog world. I had a wonderful break, I’m glad I was able to do it. But it’s fun to be here again 🙂

      Have a peaceful night,

  5. So glad to see you here again, Ceil! And what a terrific analogy you have offered us here. Our Father can definitely smooth out our rough spots and create beauty within us when we let Him. Oh, and I love your garden ball, too!

    • Hi Martha! It’s good to be back! I had a really nice break, had a little vacation. But it’s nice to return to blog friends too 🙂

      Aren’t those reclaimed bowling balls an inspiration? I just loved them. Such a great way to remember that we can be restored too.

      Have a peaceful evening,

  6. I love that she is taking “throw away” bowling balls, balls which will be useless for their original purpose, and giving them purpose. We can do the same for ourselves and for others. So many broken and beaten down people who need renewal.

    • Hi Bill! Good point about how we can be the restorers too. We never receive anything that shouldn’t be shared, and repurposing is a great example of that. Thank you for that great thought!

      I hope you are doing well these days. It’s nice to see you again 🙂

  7. What beautiful works of art….I would have loved to have seen them all…and such a great thing to restore them to something beautiful once again…just like the Lord does for us. It reminds me of these words to the song “Something Beautiful”…”all I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife but He made something beautiful out of my life”. Wonderful post, Ceil. Have an awesome week, my friend 🙂

    • Hi Debby! You would have loved them all, I just know it. And then you’d be thinking about how you could do them too!

      That’s a great lyric, and one that fits right into the theme of the post. No matter how cracked and uneven I am, I can always be restored. Amen!

      Thank you for your kind words Debby,

  8. Wow, what a marvelous analogy! I share your joy in Jesus’ re-purposing of our broken selves into sparkling trophies of his grace, and I too hope to reflect his love by my acts of mercy.

    EXCELLENT post, Ceil!

  9. I love your bowling ball creation – and your analogy. It’s so true; He can take broken things and make them beautiful and unique.

    Glad you are back! It doesn’t seem the same without you.

    • Hi Jerralea! I’m glad to be back! I loved the break and vacation, but coming home to blogging is wonderful. Your comment is so sweet Jerralea, thank you 🙂

      Those bejeweled things just called out to me. I know you’d love seeing them too. The idea that something worthless could become so beautiful just spoke to me!

      Have a peaceful evening!

  10. What a lovely ornament…and such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing that with us today. It is a shining example of how God restores us and re-creates us into new creatures in Christ…He never gives up on us even when we roll into the gutters of life. This was lovely. So happy to see you back!

    • Hi Pam! Thank you for visiting today, and for your supportive comments. It’s good to be back!

      You would have enjoyed seeing the art work. So surprising! But it really made a lot of sense too. Making something that no longer is valuable into something of beauty…that’s a great story!

      Have a restful night,

  11. Welcome back Ceil! I really like your purchase! One would look very nice in our flower garden. I like the comparison too. God is a great artist!

    • Hi Mari! I know it would look good in your garden. And there were many more designs to choose from as well. What a great idea, and a wonderful concept of transformation.

      Have a good Monday!

    • Hi Linda! I’ve missed you too! Like any vacation, it’s lovely to go, and it’s lovely to come back again 🙂

      I think we all struggle with negativity, causing those cracks and bumps in our souls. How blessed we are that we can always be transformed!

      Happy Monday to you!

  12. Beautiful, Ceil! Love the idea of re-purposing old things! Especially God’s ability to re-purpose scuffed, dented and scarred souls!

    • Hi Pam! I really think this Grandma was on to something. What a wonderful way to take something old, and make it new again!

      So great to see you. I have you in my prayers daily.

  13. Hi Ceil,
    welcome back. That is so right that when I am weak then I am strong . To be weak in myself, as I am in the body of Christ, means that it is He that is strong.

    I am actually glad that I have areas of weaknesses because it helps me to have sympathy with others. None of us are perfect, and there is a timescale of maturing in Christ.
    As Paul the apostle says, I too forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.’
    God bless you Ceil.

    • Hi Brenda! Thank you for that added Scripture today. It’s good to know that even apostle’s struggle with their feelings of not being worthy.

      God can always smooth and renew our dented souls. We have to have faith in that, and keep on going. Just like Paul did!
      God bless you too Brenda. It’s good to be back 🙂

  14. Welcome back, Ceil! I love this analogy! So, so beautiful and hope-filled. “He covers all my pits and chipped places with His love and grace.” Such an awesome reminder. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Hi Trudy! Thank you, it’s good to be back!

      I’m glad you liked the post. That repurposed bowling ball really spoke to me about God’s ability to change anything. Even me!

  15. As always, Ceil, a wonderful word picture and a wonderful lesson. So uplifting! Yes, we are all chipped and broken in so many ways. Only the Master Potter can put us back together and shape us into a thing of beauty. May we be ever yielded to His ways!


    (P.S. I want a bowling ball, too!!)

    • Hi Sharon! I know!! I’m so glad I went and bought one right away, and heard the lovely story about the Grandmother who restores the broken.

      Yes, only the Lord can truly heal us. We can be His instruments of peace and love, but He is our grace. Our transformation.

      God bless you too my friend 🙂

  16. I’m so impressed their grandmother decided to go for it and sell her art. How fun! I love the way art comes in such unique shapes. Just like us. What a great word to remind of us the tenderness of the ultimate Artist’s hands.

    • Hi Crystal! I was too. Not only that she’d come up with this fabulous concept, but then take the step to try and sell it. I loved them!

      Good point about the shapes and textures. That is a lot like us. Thank you for that!

      Happy Tuesday,

    • Hi Patty! Thank you 🙂 It’s always fun to go on a break, and then it’s fun to come back.

      Especially when I have such lovely blog-friends like you!
      Have a blessed Tuesday!

  17. Ceil, this is beautiful! It’s amazing, really, how he can use us in our weaknesses, but His strength really shines through and shows us that He is real. We are weak, but He is strong. I love how you use those repurposed balls as a object lesson. And what a cool thing for that lady to do! Such interesting art. Thank you for this encouraging post. 🙂 Have a great week!

    • Hi Gayl! I’m so glad you liked the post today. The little lawn ornament really inspired me to think about how God repurposes us, no matter how bruised and dented we are.

      And it’s pretty too 🙂

  18. Beautiful reflections, Ceil! God is amazing at using what appears to be “broken” to His glory. God alone can taken the brokenness of our lives and use it for His purposes. It amazing to see how God can take us beyond our wildest dreams.


    • Hi Kim! I so agree with your comment. I sometimes think that I’m so useless…what can God do with me? But I forget how He can restore and renew. Cracks and dents are nothing to Him!

      I wonder what God will do for you today?

  19. Beautiful friend and welcome back! I love how you interpret artwork into God’s creation specifically in how he created us. We are full of amazing pieces that God molds and shapes into who he wants us to be. I love that you further encourage us to remember as God makes us into a new creation we must then pay it forward by sharing His love with others.

    I really like the ornament that you chose. The colors are bright and varied and it looks beautiful!

    • Hi Mary! This one really called to me, but I have to admit, I’m a bit of a ‘sparkle girl’! I’m glad you resonated with the theme of moving forward in our transformations to ‘pay it forward’. That way, we keep changing to be more like Christ.

      Nice to see you today 🙂

  20. Ceil: I was drawn in and stayed riveted by this post. I understand how you feel when you get off kilter. That happens to me sometimes on a regular basis. I love the colors in your ball.

    • Hi Cecelia! Thank you so much for your encouraging words about the post today! And I’m so happy you like the one I chose. It’s in my garden and I love to see it shining in the sun.

      Blessings to you my supportive friend!

  21. Ah, yes. The Grand Artist comes gently by, rearranges the broken pieces, creates something beautiful and lovely out of the mess that had been tossed aside.

    He loves us so. What a wonderful Savior!

    I’m so glad you’re back, friend. So very glad …

    • Hi Linda! Oh my, I do love that title “Grand Artist”. He did create the world, and all the colors and creation…He’s a specialist in creation and recreation, isn’t He?

      I’m happy to be back too. Enjoy your time away…your turn!

  22. Love this post, especially this: “That’s how my Father will recognize me…by my works of mercy. My goal is to look just like my new garden ornament. I want to be a luminous reflection of God’s renewed and renewing love.” Exactly! Thanks for sharing this with us at #RaRaLinkup today!

  23. Bowling balls? I love people’s creativity! And that you bought one, Ceil. I probably would have looked, thought it was beautiful, and kept walking. Maybe I’ll slow down and buy the next time, thanks to you…

    • Hi Lisa! You know, I usually might have done that too. But they were so pretty, and the story was so compelling. Who thinks of repurposing bowling balls??

      God is the Creator, and He has made some mighty people in creativity. They are so inspirational.
      Have a blessed Tuesday!

  24. Your new garden decoration is beautiful! I absolutely love the analogy you’ve made here of us and those discarded bowling balls this woman makes so amazing again. “I am restored, round and smooth again, completely covered in His mercy and great love.” Amen, my friend. What a breathtaking thought, and it’s the absolute truth!

    • Hi Candace! I really like it too, thank you! I think of the restoration every time I see it.

      It is a wonderful thought. We are constantly being reshaped and repurposed, as long as we say ‘yes’.

      I hope you had a blessed Tuesday 🙂

  25. I just absolutely love how you see God and the ways He moves in ALL things. It wows me every single time. The next time I pick up a bowling ball, I have a feeling I will remember these words. And I could relate to the tossing into the wrong aisle. How about when you go to toss the ball and it goes backwards? 🙂

    So good to be reading your encouraging words.

    Btw, I’m ready for another double date night!!

    Much love.

    • Hi Beth! Thank you for your always supportive and encouraging words my friend. Oh yes, I’ve dropped the ball and it’s rolled (or bounced) backwards. Been there, done that!

      Thank you for visiting here today. I know you’re so busy now. We’ll have to hold off on that double date until after my little grandson is born, and I’m done babysitting! We are totally excited about being at your vow renewal though. And my husband now knows you both!! Yay!!

      Blessings to you and yours always,

  26. This was a timely post for me today. I was feeling a little like a broken bowling ball myself earlier this morning. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog too! I will be back to read more of your posts!

    • Hi Terri! Thanks for coming over to visit today! I think we all have those ‘broken bowling ball’ days. I know I do, that’s for sure.

      How fun that your bestie is also published in the new Chicken Soup book! I’m going to pull out a copy and read her entry. It’s so fun to be a part of the book.
      I’m glad you’ll be back. I hope we’ll become great blog-friends 🙂

  27. What a lovely find! These are treasures to hand down over the years, aren’t they? I love the analogy too. So many wonderful parallels here. So glad you shared. 🙂

    • Hi Karen! I never thought about handing it down, but you are so right! My daughter was right with me when I bought this, so I know she’ll like it one day.

      Thank you for your kind words about the post too!
      Wednesday blessings,

  28. Welcome back! What a beautiful post. I would love one in my garden too, not only for the beauty on the outside , but for knowing what is on the inside too. Thankful I am a new creation!

    • Hi Anita! It’s good to be back. Always fun to take a break, but it’s equally good to get back in the groove 🙂

      I love this little guy for just the reasons you mentioned. Beautiful on the outside, but what a great story of restoration. And it says to me that I can always be transformed.

      Have a blessed Wednesday!

  29. That is definitely unique and I love it!

    We are all designed differently and hand crafted by God. He created us for His purpose in mind and we are truly unique.

    Beautifully said…

    So glad you are back, I’ve missed you!

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Ceil!
    Hugs, Amy

    • Hi Amy! I know this is something you would like! And I like the way you mentioned that we are ‘hand crafted by God’. Thank you for that image, it’s so wonderful and so true.

      Thank you for the warm welcome back! I’ve missed you too 🙂
      Blessings to you and yours my friend,

  30. I love transforming a cast off item into something new and often think that God’s love is the best example of transformation there is. So thankful He continues to recreate me daily. Hope your vacation and break was all you needed/wanted it to be.

    • HI MINDY!!! It was a great vacation and break, thanks!

      You’re so right, God’s transformative powers certainly best anything I could ever do. I hope that bowling ball/ornament always reminds me of that.

      So great to see you 🙂

  31. wow Ceil I love that work of art. What a neat addition to any garden plus the story and lesson coming with it. You made me smile today reading this. Thank you

    • Hi Jean! Seeing those globes was a ‘wow’ moment for me too. So fun to hear the backstory too.

      I’m glad I could make you smile today 🙂 Good to see you!

  32. I love to see the vision through another artist’s eyes – the beauty they see and create before we see the final product. Just like the Master Artist who is completely a good work in each of us. Thank heavens He sees the beauty in each of us even before we have begun to produce His fruit.

    Those globes are fantastic.

    • Hi Kim! You are a real artist! I, sadly, am not. But I think that helps me to really appreciate the artist’s eye and work too.

      I really like mine, and I’m so glad I didn’t just walk by. We all have a great story to tell 🙂

      Happy Weekend my friend,

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