Our Common Call


We all have different ‘day jobs’. We are teachers, parents, nurses, pastors, business persons. Each of us chose a career that we hoped would bring joy and a sense of accomplishment. We are all unique and uniquely called to our strengths and passion.

But as different as we are, we remain bound together by a common call.


So we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.   2 Corinthians 5:20


We are all Ambassadors for Christ. We share that special occupation. Knowing that, maybe it’s time to ask how that job’s been going lately. For a more accurate assessment, it might help to take a look the job description. What does an Ambassador really do?

1) An Ambassador represents their home country while living and working in the country they have been appointed.

We were loved into being by our Father to live on the earth. But it isn’t our true home. Our country of origin is heaven, where our Father lives and waits for our return.

To be a good servant for heaven, we have to learn all we can about our home country, just as any earthly ambassador does. We have to know the policies, expectations and freedoms of heaven. Only then can we serve it well. If I don’t know anything about my home, I won’t be an effective representative.

2) Ambassadors consult with their country’s leaders to review policy and to gain wisdom on how to proceed in troublesome times.

A good ambassador knows that the job means ‘standing in’ for their country. They know they are not the actual leader. To keep up with the needs and wishes of the Chief of State, they have to be in regular contact with the President. The lines of communication have to be open and clear.

As agents for the Lord, we stay in contact with our ‘president’ through prayer. Daily communication with God keeps us graced with the wisdom we need to act in his love and mercy. If we don’t stay in touch, the connection will get crossed or filled with static.

Any ambassador will tell you that’s a dangerous place to be. The goal is to act on the word of our Commander, not our own wisdom.

3) Ambassadors protect fellow citizens as they travel through the foreign land.

Not only do ambassadors serve their country’s leadership, they also serve their countrymen. They are constantly open and ready to protect any resident in trouble, or assist with direction if questions arise.

Ambassadors for Christ also make it a special goal to serve their fellow travelers on earth. We are called to serve anyone who is tired, poor, sad or thirsty. A great relationship with God is not an end in itself, but spills over to assisting everyone who needs our help.

So that’s the job description. This is what we are all called to be. If our performance review was next week, would we do anything differently?

And more importantly, what would our Boss say about us?


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34 thoughts on “Our Common Call

  1. What a wonderful post and great analogy. I hope I’d be told in my performance review that I did as best I can, despite my many failings. And I hope that not many of my fellow travellers have complained about me, and my example.

    Oh dear … what a great responsibility we have being Christians.

    God bless you.

    • Hi Victor! I’m so glad you liked the post today. ‘Ambassador’ is such an interesting word, isn’t it?

      Good point about my fellow travelers. I hope they don’t complain too much either. I’m sure I’ve given them enough to complain about. Never perfect, always trying. That’s me 🙂

      God bless you too my friend,

    • Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your kind words. It is exciting to be appointed to that important post, isn’t it? I really like the term ‘ambassador’ and thinking about what that means. St. Paul really has a way with words, doesn’t he? So thought-provoking.

      Have a great Thursday!

    • Hi Joyful! I haven’t seen you either, so thank you for your visit today! I’m so glad you like the concept of our mutual occupation; we are Ambassadors for Christ. Pretty cool!

      I’ll be sure to drop by and see you too. Have a great day 🙂

  2. This reminded me of the book “Everyone’s a Theologian.” Indeed, everyone has a world view and it is evident in their life. What an honour it is to say I am a child of God. By His grace may I live a life that glorifies Him.
    I hope you are having a wonderful week! Take care.

    • Hi Lauren! What a beautiful comment. It is an honor to be God’s child, and to be his representative in this world. It is a big job (as Victor said), but The Lord thinks we can do it. I hope I can measure up to his faith in me.

      Have a great day my friend. It’s always good to see you,

  3. Hi Ceil! Amen… I love the wisdom with which you have tackled this! Your comparisons give me a vivid picture of my role as a child of God and an ambassador representing heaven’s will on earth. Thank you for drawing our attention to the fact that it is practicable, even though it’s impossible in our strength. Thank God for the channel of prayer, we can do all things through Christ who gives us the strength. What a privilege and honour to represent Heaven! Thank you my friend for this brilliant post!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Bless you 🙂

    • Hi Shade! Thank you for your encouraging comments! I’m really glad you liked the post. It is a great grace to be appointed an Ambassador for Christ…’yet so we are.’ Amazing isn’t it?

      So true that without prayer, we are sunk. We have to keep in close communication with our Leader, and prayer is the way to do it!

      Have a great day too 🙂

  4. A thought-provoking, soul-searching post, Ceil. It made me ask, “What is my assignment for today?” rather than dictating my own agenda to The Boss.

    • Hi Pam! What a great question. It turns over authority to the Boss. Great way to phrase it! I know he’ll let you know what he needs, and that you will be faithful to him.

      May we always be in contact with our Boss,

  5. This was a great read this morning. I love the word ambassador and how that fits in perfectly for the kind of life that we can live as followers of Christ. As I reflect on this more, I hope that my life can be lived as an ambassador for Christ in all I do. Blessed to be here Ceil and thank you for these words.

    • Hi Mary! Thank you for visiting me today! I sort of fell in love with that word too. St. Paul really knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he? Such great imagery.

      I join you in your prayer to be an effective ambassador for Christ. It’s a big job, but he thinks we can do it!
      Have a good Thursday 🙂

  6. Such a great post, Ceil! I love how we are so different and we all come from different walks of live, but we come together through Jesus Christ – truly amazing!

    Your posts always give me much to think about and today is no different 🙂 Thank you, my friend!

    • Hi Stephanie! Thank you for your kind words! It is really a topic to meditate on, isn’t it? We all choose our jobs in life, but we all have the same one in the Spirit. Plenty of work for everyone!

      Have a great Thursday my friend,

  7. ‘And more importantly, what would our Boss say about us?’

    This is a profound post, my friend. And that last question hits the nail right on the head. We’re just way too busy people-pleasing / pacifying, trying to dance to everyone else’s tune and meet their never-satisfied expectations.

    No wonder we’re so exhausted.

    I love what Paul wrote to the Corinthians when he penned, ‘we make it our goal to please Him.’ It sure does clear the air, level the playing field, clarify the focus …

    Thanks for taking us there today, Ceil.

    • Hi Linda! Thank you for your encouragement my friend.
      It’s such a good way to look at our true work. Pleasing others? Exhausting. Pleasing God? Deep peace. Why do I so consistently choose exhaustion?

      I really do love St. Paul. I’m sure he was a prickly person, so focused… but he speaks so beautifully about a clear, pleasing life in the Spirit. God sure knew what he was doing when he called him!
      Have a peaceful day in the light of Christ,

  8. I like this idea–very clever. Some years ago I took a Steven Covey workshop. Some of us also got together later and tried to expand on the idea. In addition to our regular job description we did our own personal mission statement. I did mine based on one of my favorite scripture quotes from Micah: This is what Yahweh asks of you–only this: To live justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God. Your post reminded me of this and I went back to my files to refresh my own memory as to what I had written. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Hi Sr. Ann Marie! How nice to see you again!!
      Here’s something funny: our church was selling memorial bricks to put in a walkway up to the doors. You could put any saying, or just your name on the bricks. I chose the Micah passage you have here. It really does boil down the spiritual life doesn’t it?

      I’m glad this post reminded you of your mission statement! What a cool idea too 🙂
      Have a blessed Thursday,

    • Hi Margie! I’m so happy these words inspired you. The concept of ‘ambassador’ really worked its way into me. I really like it, and can see how correct it is.

      God bless you too!

  9. I enjoyed this post, my dear friend. It is simple, educational and spot on.
    We are ambassadors. We are His representatives on this earth. The more we spend with Him the more we will spread the sweet essence and aroma of His presence.

    • Hi Chris! Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! It is such an honor to be God’s Ambassador, and something that I need to remember everyday. It’s my job, given by my Father. I don’t want to disappoint him.

      Have a peaceful evening, and thank you for visiting today 🙂

    • Hi Lulu! What an insightful comment. You are so right, he doesn’t need us, he wants us! Just like we don’t need our children to help us make dinner…but we’d love to spend the time with them. He is such a good Father, isn’t he?

      I hope I can learn to be a good daughter.
      Have a peaceful evening my friend.

    • Hi Cecelia! Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! I have to give St. Paul the credit though. He came up with that fabulous analogy to an Ambassador. I really like that!

      Good to see you 🙂
      Have a restful night,

  10. I actually think about this very think a lot. I pray about it too. I strive to hear “Well done good and faithful servant,” one day. Until then, I will continue to do my best and pray that my best gets better and better as He gives me wisdom, grace and mercy each day.

    • Hi Kim! What a beautiful comment. I’m not surprised that you pray about this at all, I know your faith is so important to you.

      You are a wonderful ambassador for Christ, and I’m sure he will continue to bless you with his grace.
      Have a wonderful holiday weekend,

  11. I love this word and how you called our attention to the fact that we are all ambassadors. I give a talk called Angels – ambassadors for God but hadn’t really thought about each of us in that way. Thanks Ceil! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Jean! I really connected to the image of Ambassador when thinking about the words of St. Paul. I think it’s such a great comparison. Angels too! I bet that is a very widely loved talk 🙂

      I hope you will have a restful holiday weekend my friend. Enjoy!

  12. Hi Ceil,
    It is a wonderful metaphor – Ambassadors of Christ – yet setting a high responsibility to be an ambassador for God. Yet growing in His grace and following His footsteps, the growth and maturing will take place . . . and His joy and hope flowing, it is a tankful position to be in.
    Wishing you Happy Labour Day Holidays!

    • Hi Nina! How nice to see you here today! St. Paul really did a great job using ‘Ambassador’ as a metaphor. So rich in meaning. I like that phrase of “a tankful position” to be in. Yes!

      Thank you for your Labor Day wishes. Your street fair looked like so much fun 🙂

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